Shannon Magrane auditions on AMERICAN IDOL - Season 11 - Savannah Auditions | ©2012 Fox/Michael Becker

Shannon Magrane auditions on AMERICAN IDOL - Season 11 - Savannah Auditions | ©2012 Fox/Michael Becker

Cast: Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest
Network: Fox, airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 8 p.m.
Original Telecast: Jan. 18, 2012

I found the premiere episode of the 11th season of the world’s greatest karaoke competition, AMERICAN IDOL, extremely amusing. No, not because of the lack of talent that was displayed traditionally, but because they focused on how many talents have come through the show in that span.

I’m amused because it has been 10 years of going through these painfully bad auditions – again, not talking about the lack of talent, but the very fact that they keep showing these losers, freaks and delusional and/or mentally challenged people despite constantly telling the viewing public they will focus on the actual talent.

It is like the biggest ongoing joke at Fox. I imagine some Mr. Burns-type character sitting in a Fox office somewhere on the 666 floor saying to his henchmen “How many people will we con in watching these terrible audition episodes that seem to linger on forever with the promise that we’ll actually show them just the good people? Muhahaha.” And yet, millions still do.

I guess maybe I’ve seen too many “fail” videos or too many Youtube wannabes crash and burn that seeing someone that obviously has some sort of mental deficiency isn’t entertaining, it’s sad. Someone should have put the kibosh on letting them get that far long ago. Yet, year after year, IDOL shows them in spades – even spotlights them – despite the ongoing joke of focusing on talent.

It is too bad because actually last year I loved the fact that they spent so much time in Hollywood Week and showing the actual talent. I had hopes that they’d change it up and actually start in Hollywood Week and bypass all the losers and freaks. No luck. Cause that’s exactly what we got in the opening episode – a handful of good and a handful of really bad.

Plus, is it me or does it seem too soon for all this again? I think it is THE X-FACTOR aftertaste. We just did one of these shows on Fox, why are we here again? My boss and I were talking about how he thinks IDOL is one of the shows that will stand the test of time regardless of the fact X-FACTOR was just on TV or that THE VOICE (which actually offers up some intriguing differences compared to IDOL) is competing against it at the same time. I think this is the year that IDOL takes a major hit. Obviously, we’ll know today or over the course of the season but I just feel there are others out there that see this has just too much musical talent/karaoke competitions for one viewing public to bear. I could be wrong, I am often very wrong when it comes to IDOL, but once and a while I get it right, as anyone who has read my reviews of the show for the past five or so years will attest to.

As for the talent … meh, it is always hard to remember those that did well because there are like a dozen audition rounds and by the end, whoever was showed first is blended into everyone else they have shown. It is only until the Hollywood Week when we really get to see who does well. So until then, it is the same schtick you’ve seen for 10 years now, enjoy.

Anyway, beyond this rant, as maybe I should call it not a review, here’s what I took away from IDOL on opening night:

  • We need to kill that dude that looks and sounds like Seacrest, the world would be ruined with two of them.
  • That brother and sister tandem is just gonna end in pain – you know it will happen.
  • Digging Steven Tyler’s pimp outfits as per normal.
  • What’s the over/under for the first J.Lo music video on IDOL? I say when the Top 12 is announced or shortly after.
  • What? No “In it, to win it” from Randy Jackson? Maybe it is too early.
  • Lee Dewyze, oh yeah, he did win.
  • Isn’t it embarrassing enough the dude that sucked at singing but they had to pimp him even further by bringing some random family in to pump up this dude whose elevator already went to the top? Why doesn’t the FCC care about this instead of pandering to these nonsensical children’s rights groups?
  • As they proved last year and on THE X-FACTOR, the 17-year-olds and under are gonna dominate the competition.
  • Speaking of X-FACTOR, I wonder if IDOL will take a page from that show and totally go overboard with the on-stage performances this year and shadow any actual talent going on?
  • That Philip Philips guy is going far this year.
  • Wait, so there was not a super sappy story in this episode? There’s a first.

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Article: TV Review: AMERICAN IDOL – SEASON 11 – “Auditions No. 1: Savannah” – Season Premiere  

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