Like many TV shows executive produced by J.J. Abrams (FRINGE, ALIAS, LOST), there will be a heavy mythology component to his new Fox series ALCATRAZ which debuts Monday, January 16 .

The story follows three people hunting down some of the most notorious criminals who were housed on the San Francisco island prison – 50 years after they mysteriously vanished

While this seems ripe with heavy serialization, Abrams, who admits he loves serialized shows, explained today at Fox’s TCA press tour that the show is also designed to procedural in a sense as well.

“This is a show that was designed very much as an episode show with an over-arcing large mythology,” says Abrams. “The premise is the worst of the worst come back and these underdogs have to track them down.”

That said, Abrams is reminded that FRINGE started all as a procedural and soon became a mythology heavy show, and Abrams says that ALCATRAZ is much more based on premise than FRINGE was.

“I think this show has a real opportunity to do both episodic case of the week and obviously big looming stories,” adds Abrams.


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Article: J.J. Abrams says ALCATRAZ will be both standalone, but serialized

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