One of the biggest coups in TV this year comes from HBO that nabbed actor Dustin Hoffman to star in LUCK, the gambling drama created by David Milch and directed by Michael Mann.

At HBO’s TCA session for the series which debuts January 29, Hoffman admitted he didn’t know what to expect joining a TV show for the first time.

“I was expecting [to shoot] 20 pages a day,” says Hoffman. “I was expecting an atmosphere that, you know, was like making movies on cocaine or something, but it’s the opposite. We did the best we could with as much time that we had and we came back the next day. Michael hired all film directors. Not to disparage TV directors, but to me, there was no difference from making a movie except that he did it digitally and we had three cameras, which actors love because you don’t have to repeat in coverage.”

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)


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Article: Dustin Hoffman talks about his new HBO series LUCK

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  1. In episode two, the pace quickens as several simultaneous plots pick up steam and begin to intersect. Episode 2 of Luck opens with Bernstein having to pass inspection for his parole officer. This scene is like so many in this series—the camera shots tell more than the words.

    Bernstein sees a picture of Malcolm X on the wall of the African-American Parole Officer’s office. The parole officer sees Bernstein looking at it. Something passes between them. A bond of some kind is formed, though on the surface nothing is said.

    Later, when the parole officer accompanies Bernstein to the john to have him pee in a bottle, he turns the water on for Bernstein because he is having difficulty starting….

    This is the full review of Episode 2 from HBO’s Luck, starring Dustin Hoffman,

    matt newman

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