In the new ABC comedy DON’T TRUST THE B IN APT.23, James Van Der Beek plays a character named James Van Der Beek, although it’s a character that’s pretty far from himself.

“I auditioned against six other James Van Der Beeks for this role,” Van Der Beek says with a laugh, while speaking at today’s ABC TCA press conference. “I was lucky that four of them were not actors, and two of them didn’t speak English.”

While Van Der Beek still carries his first TV role DAWSON’S CREEK with him, he also enjoys getting the chance of making fun of himself as well.

“By default [the character] is me,” says Van Der Beek. “This has been the most fun i think I’ve ever had doing anything. By episode 3, there was less and less resemblance to me, which just made it even more fun.”

Van Der Beek also encouraged creator/executive producer Nahnatchka Khan and executive producer David Hemingson to go for broke when it came to writing “James Van Der Beek.”

“At the beginning, I said don’t ever be afraid of offending me,” says Van Der Beek. “Let’s just always go for what’s funniest, and we’ll see where it takes us.  Yes, I fully commit to being myself.”

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)


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Article: James Van Der Beek likes playing James Van Der Beek on DON’T BE A B IN APT. 23

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