At the 2011 WonderCon in San Francisco, COWBOYS & ALIENS (opening July 29), director Jon Favreau explained how it even shocked him that they got Harrison Ford to be in the film.

“Harrison [Ford] was a late breaking idea because we never thought he would want to come back to genre,” Favreau says.

Both Ford and Daniel Craig’s character begin at odds against one another in the first act of the film, but they must come together in order to fight this threat from above.

Here’s what we saw during the panel for COWBOYS & ALIENS:

A grizzled Old West town greets a stranger very unwelcome. He has been there before and has a past with a number of people in the town, yet he does not remember them. Nor does it understand why he has a wondrous bracelet on his arm. When the Craig and Ford’s character meet up they are attacked by aliens. What we see is a number of ships descending upon them, Craig shooting one down and the town investigating what is inside. Meanwhile, something is rampaging through houses killing people in bloody and nasty ways. Later we see Craig riding on horseback chasing after spaceships and other characters getting abducted by getting tethered to the spaceships.

We also get our first glimpse of the aliens that Favreau says will only be shown here (at least for now). The aliens are ginormous and gnarly with huge heads and loads of teeth. They are more monsters and creatures than they are aliens

Before the end of the panel, Favreau says the film will be “in glorious 2-D” and told the audience that if they want more 2-D films that they should tell theaters about it and support 2-D movies at the box office. An interesting counterpoint to the 3-D hyped reality of today.

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