While promoting his new superhero comedy THE GREEN HORNET today at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City, CA, star and co-writer Seth Rogen admits that he and fellow writer Evan Goldberg weren’t thinking beyond the first movie while making this revisionist super hero tale.

“We’re not the kind of writers to save ideas,” says Rogen with his trademark laugh who plays the titular character – a hero who poses as a villain to take a bite out of Los Angeles crime with his dutiful (and more than able sidekick) Kato (Jay Chou). “If it’s remotely good we shoved it in there and nor are we confident enough that there will be a sequel. Anything that’s good we put in there.”

THE GREEN HORNET opens this Friday, January 11, 2011. Stay tuned for ASSIGNMENT X coverage in the coming week.

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  1. I thought that the movie plot and action scenes were very good. However, I would love to know what ever prompted the writer to make The Green Hornet into a comedy! Correct me if I am mistaken, but the Hornet that I grew up watching was anything but that! Likethe batman, he was a no nonsense charracter who kicked ass and didn’t even bother to take numbers. If the movie did not gross a lot of money, it’s no doubt that word got around that this is not the Green Hornet us old timers are accustomed to, and if they decide to make a sequel with the same format, they should do themselves and everyone eles a favor…DON’T!!!

    Keith McSwain
    • I want you to remember that this like all modern movies are revisits and new visions. now on the flip side had they tried to make the Green Hornet like you remember from your childhood that you would have been far more disappointed. And I hope that they do make a sequel. If you have kids or grand-kids than you can use these movies to introduce the next generation to the “real” Green Hornet.

  2. I realize that you only think about the past but i thought it was a good movie and i think that when you own a studio you can make the movies how you want to!

    Keith Mcswain Shut up
  3. I remember the 60’s to but I loved Seth as the Green Hornet it was very good.
    Remember you are the artist not the pepole.

  4. If the do come out with The Green Hornet 2, Sony pictures will have the contract, but MGM might help make the film

  5. i think this movie was AWESOME

  6. I saw the first movie version of the green hornet with Britt Reid, and Bruce Lee in the movie theatre and grew up watching the television series in the 60s and l have to say that this remake of the green hornet that l did saw was a piece of junk, I do admit that the action scenses were good, I thimk that Jay Chou did a good job as Kato, but Seth Rogen who I feel is one of the worst actors, and comendians in hollywood, was a very poor choice to portray britt reid/greenhornet, I hope a sequel is never made I will like to see a re-boot with Jake Gyllenhaal or bratt pitt, as britt reid/green hornet I think jake gyllenhall will be a better chice with BYAIN SINGER directing with a more serious plot

  7. I grew up in the 60’s and the Green Hornet was a bit of a “campy” show like TV’s “Batman” show of that era. I don’t think this rendering of the Green Hornet was bad at all. In fact, I thought it was done very good and, in my opinion, it deserves a franchaise of sequals like all the others of today (Spider-Man/Batman/X-Men/Etc). The team-up of Rogen and Chou had great chemistry and deserves a series of sequals. The Hornet Car was a great Throw-back to the original TV series and was glad to see it designed like that one for the movie. “MAKE IT!”


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