Stars: Matt Oberg, Devin Clark, Pete Holmes, Julie Klausner, Natasha Leggero, Kurt Metzger, Larry Murphy, Mike O’Gorman, Randy Pearlstein, Michael-Leon Wooley
Writer: Mick Kelly
Animation Directors: Aaron Augenblick, Devin Clark
Network: Comedy Central, airs Thursday nights
Original Telecast: July 7, 2011

UGLY AMERICANS continues to impress with this very funny episode “Callie and Her Sister” which finds Callie (Natasha Leggero) screwed over by her Satanic dad when he discovers she’s in an arranged marriage with Twayne (Michael-Leon Wooley).

She doesn’t want to marry him, and wants to commit to Mark Lilly (Matt Oberg), so they decide to move in together.

When her dad and estranged mom (who looks suspiciously enough like Mia Farrow) fornicate, they deliver a new baby Lilith, who ages one year, every day and who will end up marrying Twayne.

Of course, after an OMEN-like mishap with mom, Callie and Mark raise the little girl on their own. This leads up to a very twisted marriage ritual (including more fornication) with Twayne and a secret plan for Lilith to kill off everyone and have Mark for herself.

UGLY AMERICANS really pushes the boundaries with this very funny episode that spoofs devil movies and their conventions. It also spends some time with Mark’s zombie roommate Randall Skeffington (Kurt Metzger) and we get a glimpse into his bizarre pig fetish (very funny and disturbing stuff).

The animation style of UGLY AMERICANS is one of its best attributes. Even though at times the animation is quite simple, it also affords itself (at least in the first two episodes of the season) some very big moments. The sequence toward the end with Callie and Lilith battling it out demonic style is quite cool.

Also, the animators manage to make demonic, bosom-busting chicks look super-hot on this show. Who would’ve figured?

UGLY AMERICANS might be a little too out there for some people, but it’s a comedy that fits perfectly in line with Comedy Central’s other classic war-horses FUTURAMA and SOUTH PARK. It’s eking out its own little special universe on the network and it continues to do it with wit, finesse and hot demonic babes.

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Article: Ugly Americans Review – “Callie and Her Sister”

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