Cast: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver
Director: Mike Rohl
Writer: Brett Matthews
Network: The CW, airs Fridays
Original Telecast: March 4, 2011

Well that’s one way to get rid of a host of characters in one fell swoop on SUPERNATURAL.

Not only did we lose Gwen (Jessica Heafey) and Samuel (Mitch Pileggi), who had become major characters this season, in “And Then There Were None” we also lost long-time hunter ally in Rufus (Steven Williams) – a fan favorite and someone that had grown to be a quirky yet funny occasional guest star.

Eve, whom the monsters of Earth refer to as Mother, as in mother of all creation, has unleashed some sort of monster possession in the form of an earworm that forces the person to do whatever it wants. In most cases, this means killing someone or a host of people.

When Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles), Bobby (Jim Beaver), Rufus, Gwen and Samuel all find themselves in the same warehouse hunting for the same creature – things go from bad to worse.

Dean kills Gwen after being possessed and quickly they realize something is afoot. But when Samuel is infected, Sam kills him. This was most interesting because Samuel was about to tell Sam all about his time without a soul – something he says was far worse than what he did to Dean and Sam in leaving them at the mercy of Crowley. Instead, Sam doesn’t want to hear it and does what he promised to do earlier in putting a bullet through his head. Was it a bit early for this not knowing if Samuel was infected? Yes, but some sweet revenge (at least from Dean’s perspective).

Turns out that Samuel was indeed infected and it doesn’t take long for it to inhabit Bobby as well, ending the long career of his buddy Rufus in the process.

Now, over the last few seasons of SUPERNATURAL we have lost a number of recurring characters, but usually not in such a lump sum. And the impact of the loss of these characters outside of Rufus seems to be an attitude of ho-hum. Poor Gwen didn’t have a clue about what Samuel was doing and her death seems to be just a side note compared to the memorial we saw for Rufus.

Obviously, the Winchester brothers could give a s*** about Samuel so that was no big loss, but Gwen at least seemed to be innocent in all of his endeavors and she was just brushed under the rug. I guess it boils down to who we have had the most history with and Rufus has been around for a number of seasons and episodes bringing his unique and humorless self to the whole show. Gwen we have seen her only in a few episodes and never really knew much about her (nor will we ever now).

Rufus will be lost as his character was one of the more interesting in SUPERNATURAL lore – always causing some sort of problems along the way,  but more or less being good hearted and hilarious at the same time. Yeah, it isn’t like we lost Bobby or Castiel (Misha Collins) but still he was always fun to have around for an episode or two during the course of a season. Alas, no longer.

One last thing: Really? We gotta wait until April for the next freaking new episode? That totally sucks. But those previews to the final episodes of the season look pretty awesome I gotta admit. Hopefully it will wrap up the entire season and we’ll get some conclusions to the whole monsters walk the Earth mythology arc.

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