Cast: Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris, Betsy Brandt, RJ Mitte, Giancarlo Esposito
Director: Adam Bernstein
Writer: Vince Gilligan
Network: AMC, airs Sundays at 9 p.m.
Original Telecast: July 17, 2011

Well, if that isn’t the way to get a message across to your employees, I’m not sure what is on BREAKING BAD.

Of course, I’m talking about meth boss Gus Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito) brutal and methodic disrobing of his suit and tie, slowly putting on a chemical suit in the meth lab, stalking about the lab in absolutely silence and ultimately slitting the throat of one of his henchmen that had failed him. It was indeed one of the most ruthless scenes we have seen from Fring and just shows how far that character has come since we first met him working as a manager for a fast food chicken outlet.

It was a tense 10 minutes in the Season 4 premiere “Box Cutter” and you knew something bad was going to happen. Fring wasn’t putting that chemical suit on so he could mix some meth. He was getting messy. We just didn’t know who it was. Maybe Jesse (Aaron Paul) but they wouldn’t kill such a key character would they? And certainly Walt (Bryan Cranston) is safe (at least alive maybe a hand or a finger or something cut off). But I was pretty shocked it was Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui) that was the victim. Given his loyalty to Fring and his meth operation you figure he would be out of harm’s way. But he did fail Fring in protecting Gale (David Costabile) and paid the ultimate price.

Fring’s only words to Walt and Jesse at the end of the ordeal … “Get back to work.” Having no other cooks in the kitchen other than Walt and Jesse, Fring must rely on them to continue the process of cooking meth regardless of how he doesn’t want them to be there.

Jesse had it right, however. They are on the same page, but it is a page that no one wants to be on. If he can’t kill them, he’ll make them wish they were dead. And I believe that will be one of the main themes of Season Four. How do Walt and Jesse get out of the predicament that they find themselves now in? Sure, they are making money, but under the roof of someone that despises them and at the next turn will probably find a replacement.

We also got a glimpse of just how far Skyler (Anna Gunn) has come in this relationship. Yes, she still has some feelings for Walt and wants no harm to come to him. However, she is more than willing to cover for him when things are dangerous. She moved his car to protect Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte) from discovering anything was wrong. Skyler has come into her new life in full circle. She likes having the money she gets (in order to pay for others medical bills or her own lifestyle) and she is willing to do what it takes to protect her family from knowing the truth about Walt’s new job – but no longer disapproving of that job.

One thing is certain, one of TV’s best shows is off and running and if this opening episode is any indication, once again it will be a fabulous ride.


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: Review – Breaking Bad – Season 4 Premiere – “Box Cutter”



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  1. Hey, its the negro. Great review. This was one heck of a opening to the season.

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  3. Pingback: Video News Blog » TV Review: BREAKING BAD – Season 4 premiere – “Box Cutter” – Assignment X

  4. Really one of the best shows i have ever seen on TV.Thanks to you brother,for turning it on to me four years ago.

  5. agreed

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  7. Best show on TV, hands down! Can’t fathom why they got snubbed at the Emmys. Great start to hopefully another great season!

    skinny pete
    • BB wasn’t snubbed–didn’t qualify this year (haven’t been on the air since (6/2010). Look for them to kick some ass for the 2012 Emmys.

  8. Great review. I think we all knew Gale was dead, heck the producers all but confirmed that. When Victor was mixing the chemicals I thought for a moment “oh boy this isn’t good” like he was going to blow something up or die from the fumes, or whatever. I completely did not expect Gus to come in and cut him like that. Complete shock. But hey that’s why we love this show so much right?

    I just want to say right now I have a theory that I would appreciate comments on. It involves the end. I know some might not want to think about it but this will all end someday. I think the best ending for the show, with humble respect, is that we are returned back to the beginning where it all began. I think Jesse will die. I think Skylar, Walt JR, and others will come dangerously close to dying. Walter may even be seriously injured. But in essence we are returned back to nothing with just Walter, Skylar, Walt Jr, and the baby. The final scene is Walter walking into a classroom of kids, back to being a science teacher. The final shot is a statement to the class. Something like “Chemistry can be very dangerous. Case in point: desoxyephedrine. Or as you may know it: Crystal Meth” and the show just closes.


    A great show. I’m very happy with the way things are starting. Thanks for the great review.

  9. To say that this first episode was riveting is an understatement. The only pause I had was to go and cook up some more popcorn. Fabulous! Absolutely Fabulous! I only hope SOA is worth the wait as well. Peace,

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  12. Now we all know that Gus’s skill set is more than “skillful administrator” and “smart buisnessman”…you can add “stone cold killer” to his resume.

  13. Season 3 wasnt aired during the period of eligibility.
    If this seasons is, im sure its gonna take a lot of rewards cause there is no show in its league :)
    thats a cool ending but it seems the makers only reference the past in the intro, so maybe during the intro of the series finale that would be great :)
    I know there is gonna be more shocks and Jesse’s death as every episode comes seems more inevitable. Walt is gonna die either way of the cnacer but Jesse’, the reaper is coming for you

  14. Great review. Except, I’m not sure if Walter and Jesse are going to get paid from now on, nor how much.

  15. I didn’t understand that Victor was killed for not protecting Gale, but rather for exposing Gale’s link to Gus by marching in to the crime scene with witnesses standing around. Victor was seen. That’s what upset Mike when he questioned Victor after he returned with Jesse. Mike goes off to make the call to Gus so Victor doesn’t hear. Mike’s a “Cleaner” who deals with loose ends. So he knows Victor’s become a liability. Sadly, the ending occurred to me the minute mike questioned Victor, so I just had to wait for it to pay off in the way the title had foreshadowed “box cutter”. It was like the game “clue” when you’ve already figured it out: “Gus, in the lab with the boxcutter,” and just my dumb luck that I’d figured it out. Bad luck! I’ve loved every surprise and turn in this brilliant show!


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