Network: NBC, airs Tuesday nights
Original Telecast: May 31, 2011

It’s Season six of the glorified THE GONG SHOW now called AMERICA’S GOT TALENT and it hasn’t gotten any better from the first time I watched it five seasons ago. It still is painfully droll and boring. Most of the “so called” talent is lame and, just like AMERICAN IDOL, simply there for shock purposes in these early audition rounds  – in other words it’s so bad it’s good. The only problem – you have to find this kind of TV programming to find this kind of a train wreck entertaining.

Nick Cannon comes off as an affable host of the contest that offers up a $1 million prize, especially compared to the talent that surrounds him. Cannon looks really good. Judges Piers Morgan, Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel are back showing their strengths as critical and comedic judgers for the show and yet for more than half the show they are the only talent shown. Even with the in between video segments giving tidbits of who these new contestants are and where they came from, the show falls flat. Nobody cares because nobody knows these people.

With “Audition Show #1”, occasionally some actual talent is showcased between the dribble. Three young boys (5,6,7) showed their rapping skills and cute appeal and easily got through to the next level – Las Vegas. Team iLuminate, a dance group in fluorescent glow in the dark lighting, were by far the most talented of the bunch. Unfortunately, we had to wait two hours to see them since they ended the show. They, too, are moving on to Las Vegas. As for the rest, yeah, a couple of magicians are moving on including an impressive Latin dance group is as well and a juggler who juggles stun guns while standing in water. That’s pretty death defying, but not very engaging once you get over the shock value of it all.

Ala AMERICAN IDOL many were there to make a fool of themselves and to do it in front of millions of Americans for fun. Some didn’t understand why they didn’t get through and copped a little attitude. Another actually fell off the stage attempting to “dance.” Are these people for real? I am not sure. I don’t care and I desperately miss DANCING WITH THE STARS where people wanted to do well and  are not there to make a fool of themselves intentionally. It seems with AGT the joke is on America. Now somebody please get rid of this show! If I had a big X buzzer I would be pounding on it for AMERICA’S GOT TALENT to exit the stage. Oh, if only.

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