When Fox announced that AMERICA’S MOST WANTED, a Saturday night staple since the network began, wouldn’t be returning for a full new season, questions arose as to why.

At today’s Television Critics Association press day for Fox, the network’s Entertainment President Kevin Reilly talked about the reasoning of scaling the show back to four specials this year instead of a full season.

“It was an unsung hero and did a tremendous job of delivering ratings every week, but it moved into a loss situation for us over the last couple of years,” explains Reilly. “We valued the show, carried it, but it came to a point where it wasn’t possible anymore and to not reduce the show down to a nub.”

Reilly adds that host and creator John Walsh did everything to reduce costs, but they couldn’t find a solution. Plus, Fox sees that they’re going to need that Saturday night real estate in order to grow in the future.

“It’s a place where we could play some encores, and we have a sports package that could go in there,” says Reilly. “We just felt like it was time. We didn’t want to get completely out of the business of it, because we are doing four, but there are discussions about other networks keeping it going.”

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Article: Fox talks about the end of AMERICA’S MOST WANTED on its network

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  1. People will just watch another channel, idiots!

    Beth Green
  2. America’s Most Wanted, by far the most important show on TV has been canceled and it sucks. Sometimes, money isn’t everything, especially if the other shows can share the costs. America is less safe because of Fox’s greed. Another reason to dislike Fox. I hope John Walsh finds a station to carry the show on a weekly basis. I disliked Fox before and now I really hate it.

    Pat Wells
  3. I’ve watched AMW for 23 years. I am a 58 year old african-american male who has enjoyed watching the show. John Walsh and AMW has been successful in capturing child molesters, rapist,murderers, and the lowest form of human life.I am sorry that the show is being cancelled. Thanks John Walsh for your service to our country. Vincent Smith

  4. Fox’s decision to cancel America’s Most Wanted reflects great discredit on the terrible, right wing, greed motivated management, propaganda spouting, RICO that all Murdock enterprises represent. And I was being kind for the sake of Sean Hannity aka scumbag.

  5. This is terrible news! I wish they would cancel unworthy shows like jershey shore. I have been watching this show for 16 years; I am 21 and have been watching it since I was 5. I hope AMW finds another network ASAP!

  6. This happen once before. Some junior executive decided rates were too low and took Star Trek off the air. Gee, that was a big blunder. All we have on tv is garabage shows. They will find out, dropping AMW will be a big blunder for Fox. They could have put it on a different day if they needed Saturday for sports. All that the main networks put on is cheap trash shows. To watch quality shows, one has to watch Public tv and the history channels. That’s the way to go Fox, another goof takes off the air a show that the silent majority watches. We have had enough of your mindless shows. Time to turn the idiot box off and read books. The guy that made the decision to take AMW off the air, needs to be fired.


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