With Marvel now part of the Disney (and ABC fold), ABC Entertainment President Paul Lee said today during his Television Critics Association executive session that he’s very eager to bring Marvel characters to the network.

Currently in development are possible TV iterations of THE INCREDIBLE HULK and AKA JESSICA JONES.

“We’re extremely excited about having Marvel in the fold,” says Lee. “With AKA JESSICA JONES and THE HULK, we hopefully have great choices to look at when they come around.”

Lee also adds that he would be a hero to his kids if THE HULK works out.

“If we got the HULK on [the air], my kids would finally be proud of me,” Lee says.

Lee also mentions that Marvel will play a part of CASTLE’s new season in the fall.

“A Marvel character will appear in CASTLE this year in one episode,” adds Lee.

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Article: ABC talks about the status of THE INCREDIBLE HULK reboot

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