It’s one thing to take off old school musical exploitation, but it’s another to actually get the groove down to the point where you think you’ve just stumbled upon some beat-up soundtrack LP found under the seat of a filth-encrusted grindhouse theater, circa 1975 Times Square.

While Adrian Young perfectly nailed this Blaxploitation vibe for BLACK DYNAMITE, Giallos Flame’s score for the infinitely more sordid BLACK DEVIL DOLL goes way beyond the Afro rhythms to completely nail the sound of Italo horror.

Of course, with a name like that, or a credit list that includes MURDER SET-PIECES, PSYCHO HOLOCAUST and EASTER BUNNY, KILL! KILL! Flame’s specialty should come as no surprise While this picture isn’t even the first film to be centered around the sex-and-gore antics of a wooden Brotha (that honor goes to 1984’s BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL), BLACK DEVIL DOLL’s evil Afro marionette score is the one to rule them all.

Sure you’ve got the wah-wah guitars, funk drums and sultry horns that play the puppet in all of his evil Macking glory, but it’s the echoing keyboards, gnarled retro synths and eerie progressive rock that will make Giallo fans think they’re listening to some unknown masterwork by Goblin or Fabio Frizzi.  When they hear the insanely profane rapping, you’ll know this ain’t DEEP RED or THE BEYOND.

What truly separates Flame’s work from being a score that works alone as a brilliant homage is just how cool the music itself is, with twisting melodies and a raw, energetic jazz vibe that could also make DOLL pass for the latest bitches brew from an extremely decomposed Miles Davis. A completely unexpected score surprise to say the least, BLACK DEVIL DOLL is the real, killer deal for anyone who’s delighted in hearing a pimpin’ villain or a dubbed killer doing some musical damage.
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Article: Review – BLACK DEVIL DOLL soundtrack

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