With THE OFFICE losing Steve Carell this season, and James Spader coming in to fill that gap, NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt is confident the  show will continue to prosper on Thursday nights.

“My expectations are always very measured, so that we can under-expect and hopefully over-deliver,” says Greenblatt. “THE OFFICE is a very important to us. Like I said a few minutes ago, it’s our number one show in all kinds of demos. Shows go through transitions as they age and I think losing Steve is one of those. And I was at the first table reading a couple of weeks ago and I think James Spader is completely different than Steve. His own iconoclastic kind of acting style, and the characters I think it’s really unique. I think he’s the prefect fit in that mix.”

Greenblatt also notes that Spader’s contribution will also add new dynamics with the current cast as well.

“It will cause some slight adjustments for the rest of the cast as things move around,” says Greenblatt. “There’s some new actors coming besides him, so you look at creatively reinventing something that’s going through a transition. I think it makes the writing staff kind of get back on their game, and everybody has to sort of refocus on what the show is. I would be thrilled if it continued to do what it was doing, even though as shows age, they usually erode and we would have to see what happens without Steve, who we all think the world of.”

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Article: NBC is confident that THE OFFICE will survive the loss of Steve Carell and the addition of James Spader

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