While speaking with NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt at this summer’s 2011 TCA, ASSIGNMENT X asked about the status of THE EVENT wrap-up movie.

Although things aren’t set in stone, Greenblatt does hint that a final decision about its ultimate fate could be decided quite soon.

“It’s been discussed with Syfy and a few weeks ago it seemed more possible than it does today, but I honestly don’t know,” says Greenblatt.

However, Greenblatt is quick to point out that THE EVENT, if it does get this last-minute reprise, will not air on NBC.

“If it happens, it would definitely be on Syfy,” says Greenblatt.

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Article Source: Assignment X
Article: NBC says THE EVENT wrap-up movie is still in development

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  3. I really enjoyed The Event, hope there will be a follow-up, in one form or the other.

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  6. I really hope that The Event gets picked up as a series somewhere. I feel the show was improving greatly and deserves a chance to continue and prove itself.

    • Couldn’t agree more

  7. Great show.I hope it returns no matter where NBC or SyFy.

  8. I don’t understand why when we have a good series, they have to cut it up?!? I really enjoy it. Makes me think of 24…

  9. Great show indeed, please continue the series, we don’t see any good sci-fi drama like this any more…

  10. I’m hooked on the show. I they continue it

  11. It is unfortunate that thought provoking or out of the ordinary shows like The Event and Firefly get cancelled without continuation or conclusion. Both great series, and worthy of more, especially considering some of the crap that does get continued funding

    • I couldn’t agree more…I wish they would continue the story for both shows.

  12. My husband and I have been watching the series on Netflix, and I cannot get enough of it! SyFy come to it’s rescue please! Sy Fy you have not let your viewers down yet. Jason Ritter has proved himself a great actor and of course Laura Innes I LOVE HER! I always thought she has brought that extra touch to everything she does! What a remarkable lady she is. What an exciting show. Please pick it up!

  13. I’m absolutely devestated. I’m from South Africa and the last episode was aired today. I realy hope the show will be picked up by someone.

  14. On Saturday, 11-12-2011 a commercial ran on NBC about the event. It ran during Saturday Night Live show, episode 3705 (about 15 minutes into SNL) and appeared to have some new clips mixed in with old clips from seasons 1 & 2. The commercial gave an air time of “Mondays 9/8 Central” however, TV guide does not show any listing. I cannot find any information on the NBC website indicating the show is returning though.

    Henry Page
    • am from ghana and love this move so who evre is inchage should let this show cames back

  15. Really enjoyed The Event. My husband and I keep checking thru google for any updates that the show will continue on another network. We have discussed writing the author to encourage him to just write a book so the fans could get closure. This cliffhanger has really left us hanging way too long.

  16. Please do a full season 2! This show came so far and I’m totally hooked. It has a perfect blend of politics, action, sci fi, and a love story you care about. Don’t belittle this show to just a tv movie, please!

  17. I recall what happened when the first Star Trek was cancelled. The fans’ outrage and the ensuing “returns”, movies, etc.. The producers, or whomever make the decisions, should listen to what the people want. They would profit(as that is in what they are interested) and the audience would be satisfied.

  18. I would really appreciate a wrap up movie to ascertain the continuity of the show. It is frustrating to half see a half baked end with no real closure. As a comparison to 24, every season managed to hit an end…

  19. You did an awesome show me and my wife watched the season and it is done pretty good must say it can be in the same caliber as prison break
    few season related to the first but continuing story even better than the first and finish with a movie thanks for a great show

  20. I really enjoyed The Event series. I hope another station picks it up and continues it. It had so much potential.

  21. loved this series & sorry to see it end. Not sure, however, where the writers can go with a second series without it becoming too far-fetched or ridiculous

  22. I really got into this series, I would love it if they would bring it back somewhere…..

  23. I would love it if they would wrap up the storyline in some way, whether it be a movie or series continuation. The show was titled “The Event” and while there was talk of The Event that was to come, we never got to see what The Event even is! How disappointing. I do agree that if the story gets too far-fetched, I’m out. I need to know why they needed to kill all of the humans if they could just portal the entire planet to get it away from the Supernova and have it orbit our sun instead? A book would be fine too, just don’t make me feel like I just wasted 22 hours of my life only to be left hanging. I’m pleading 😉

    S. Weever
  24. The Event – like Firefly, Dollhouse, and Flash Forward – made American TV worthwhile. Nevertheless, I’m never again going to start (i.e., invest in the characters and plot) a series before it has carried on for at least 2-3 full seasons or before a single season show has come full circle. The procrustean “end” to this show was frustrating, nigh unto infuriating, to say the least. I understand that were many other viewers to follow the delayed viewing principle I’ve just stated and elected, it’d probably sound the death knell for all extended, episodic shows. One solution to this problem would be for the pre-show advertising to pledge either completion of the full arc of the plot with all episodes or, if earlier cancelled, then the availability for purchase of the complete script, OR the promise of a wrap-up DVD or movie to complete the denouement.
    Without something like that, I won’t “bite” again.
    While it appears that this series met its untimely end because viewership fell off, it may be too easy to blame “complex plot” (perhaps a euphemism for viewer stupidity or addiction to “instant gratification”).
    In any event, if we are to have more good TV of this sort, producers must find a way to keep audience loyalty and active viewing (e.g., invest in more advertising on an ongoing basis? other interactive online viewer-involvement strategies?, etc.) and not capitulate by simply blaming the viewer (in this particular case, the victim) for natural human propensities and the diluting affects of other strong competition for her attention.
    Please, give me back my The Event… puleeze! Clever, involving, and better constructed than most of these things (although somewhat less well-written and generally less emotionally mature than, say, The Guardian… but infinitely more satisfying than the ridiculous jejunery of something like Medium or Psych (with its offensive and amazingly anachronistic “step-and-fetch-it” character play).

  25. Fantastic series…. deplorable actions on the part of the network in cancelling series. Twice consecutively I have picked up to series with this same outcome ; Invasion… and now this. Great storylines and superb acting gon by the wayside. Networks have no consideration for the viewing public.. at least commission resolution to storylines in some format or another. I’m with some previous viewers.. will not be investing anytime in watching series as they deliver themselves on the television medium. I will consider purchasing on DVD after ensuring series are not only “complete” but fully developed with a definite ending…. I’m done with these networks that don’t know good programs when they come their way …

    Nancy Carvalhais
  26. Incredible Show. The Acting Is Superb and The Story/Plot is unique and always interesting. The possibilites for Plot Development are unlimited. I believe that in the heart of every human there are unanswered questions about our Origins and Possible Future Destiny as a Species, as well as the future of our Planet. This show is worth the effort to develop posssible answers to these questions. With the proper Promotional Budget and a Skilled Development of the Plot, it could easily become a lengthy and successful series.

    Daniel Bufkin
  27. Just finished watching The Ev3nt with my husband. It is the best show I have seen in a long time. I do not understand why it was cancelled yet other shows that merit no value continue on the networks. I am dying to know what will now happen to the Sleepers, the humans, Sophia, what does it REALLY say in the scroll, and HOW are they really going to make room for the 2.8 billion E.T.s, along with many other questions. Another season, at least, please, to answer all the questions, not a “made for tv movie” that will be quickly done and not flesh out all the answers adequately.

  28. Just finished the series.
    Great character development and a story to die for. Syfy action politics.
    Please someone make a new series. There is so much that could be carried on.


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