At today’s Winter TCA 2011 press tour, ABC Entertainment Group President Group President Paul Lee revealed that CASTLE, COUGAR TOWN, GREY’S ANATOMY, THE MIDDLE, MODERN FAMILY and PRIVATE PRACTICE have all been renewed for another year

Meanwhile, it looks like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is on the bubble (probably due to contract negotiations), as are BETTER WITH YOU, BROTHERS & SISTERS and the ratings challenged DETROIT 1-8-7

“We haven’t made our decisions yet on a second season of DETROIT 1-8-7,” says Lee. “I would like it to see higher numbers. Michael Imperioili is brilliant in that. For me, it’s great to see, there were many people in Detroit who didn’t love it [initially], but they are such champions of that show. It does what NYPD BLUE did in its day. It’s a brilliantly written, gritty show.”

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  1. This is all really unfortunate news, except for Castle. I like all the shows that are in danger.

    And why does the picture caption say “Detroy”?

  2. Oh – and also The Middle. I am happy for Neil Flynn.

  3. ive not watched the middle but have heard good things about it. I really like Detroit and im hoping it at least gets another series, who knows, maybe the numbers will pick up.
    One show that i dislike hugely is private practice…its ridiculous that they have like one patient per week, and spend the rest of the time sitting around over coffee chatting!


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