At today’s Winter TCA 2011 press tour, ASSIGNMENT X asked ABC Entertainment Group President Paul Lee where he saw the state of genre TV on ABC, particularly now that Marvel Entertainment is part of the ABC family.

“When it comes to genre, look at Marvel, you can see we have a glint in our eye,”  says Lee who is currently developing THE INCREDIBLE HULK TV series with filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro and AKA JESSICA JONES with TWILIGHT scribe Melissa Rosenberg. “I had a lot of fun with KYLE XY on my last channel [ABC Family]. It’s all about the storytelling. If we find a genre show that we think is something you haven’t see before. Something that’s unexpected, we’re going to do it.”

In terms of “procedural” vs. “serialized” when it comes to genre,  Lee reveals that it will be a case by case basis.

“We define our brand through serialized shows,” says Lee. “You look at shows like CASTLE and I would include comedies as being procedurals, that clearly procedurals are part of our future. They have very different business structures. Our serialized shows, we got higher CPMs, we sell them on higher prices around the world and they tend to capture the mood of a nation if they’re great. The procedurals, they repeat better. They’re better in U.S. syndication, rather than international syndication. From my perspective, they’re both incredibly important.”

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