With Super Bowl Sunday here, ASSIGNMENT X has decided to review the movie trailer commercials in between the game to see how well the studios are using their mega-dollars they’re spending to draw people into theaters.


Release Date: July 22, 2011
Stars: Chris Evans
What Is it? The other Marvel Comics adaptation, this time focusing on the ultimate American hero from Marvel’s cannon. Looks like a period piece too.
Want To See Factor: I’m a sucker for the Marvel comics, and this too looks like nothing else out there. Looks like this might be Marvel’s summer.
Super Bowl Points: Great action, a hot brunette and the red, white and blue superhero. Nothing speaks All-American than Captain America – though can we lose the silly subtitle THE FIRST AVENGER. We get the branding issue (there’s an AVENGERS movie due next year), but CAPTAIN AMERICA speaks for itself.
Grade: B+

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