While chatting with actress Michelle Rodriguez yesterday to promote her new alien invasion flick BATTLE: LA (which opens March 11), we couldn’t resist asking her what she thought about the finale of LOST (a show in which she played Ana Lucia Cortez).

“Come on – heaven and hell, man?” says Rodriguez. “I thought you guys were going to get scientific with it, other dimensions with it, like [Stephen]  Hawking’s with it, but no man,  you had to go the heaven and hell route.  It really gnarlied me out.  I was saddened by that. I thought they were going to go there. It’s okay. It’s a TV show. Who didn’t enjoy that ride? It was a cool ride – always wondering what’s going to happen.”

While she was only on for two seasons (and a couple of cameos toward the end), she says she relished the time she spent in Hawaii filming the series.

“Hawaii for me,  that was home,” says Rodriguez. “I breathed the air there and I was making love to nature. I’m like a lesbo, because nature is a chick, you know what I mean. So I was totally into it and it was more about being in Hawaii and enjoying that experience than anything. It came second nature to me to be working there.”

(additional reporting by A.C. Ferrante)

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