DreamWorks Pictures held a special screening of FRIGHT NIGHT at the ArcLight Hollywood Theaters on August 17th.

A remake of the 1985 original, teenager Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin) guesses that his new neighbor Jerry Dandrige (Colin Farrell) is a vampire that is committing a string of recent deaths. But it’s like the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” as no one he knows believes him. Determined to prove himself he enlists Peter Vincent (David Tennant), a self -proclaimed vampire killer and Las Vegas magician, to help him, and prove to everyone that he was not making it up, and to take down Jerry.

The tag line for the 2011 release states “You Can’t Run From Evil When It Lives Next Door,” which is totally different then the 1985 tag line, which stated “ There are some very good reason to be afraid…of the dark.” In the 1985 version Chris Sarandon starred as the vampire Jerry, with William Ragsdale starring as Charlie. Roddy McDowall, who passed away in 1998, portrayed the role of Peter. McDowall also starred in all the PLANET OF THE APES movies as Cornelius, just a little tribute since RISE OF THE PLNET OF THE APES is in theaters.

Although Colin Farrell, David Tennant and Toni Collette did not attend the screening most of the rest of the cast did, which included: Anton Yelchin, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Dave Franco, Chelsea Tavares, Emily Montague, Lisa Loeb, Marti Noxon (Writer) and Craig Gillespie (Director).

Joining them were guests, which included: Chris Zylka, R. Brandon Johnson, Ariel Fox, and Syncere.

FRIGHT NIGHT is in theaters now.


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Article: Exclusive Photos from the FRIGHT NIGHT premiere


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