Jake Weber in MEDIUM - Season 7 - "Native Tongue" |©2011 CBS/Danny Feld

Jake Weber in MEDIUM - Season 7 - "Native Tongue" |©2011 CBS/Danny Feld

For seven years on MEDIUM, Allison Dubois, played by Patricia Arquette, has seen and heard dead people, an ability she’s used to help the Phoenix, Arizona district attorney’s office. Her three young daughters all share some version of her gift. The only person in the household who doesn’t have psychic qualities is husband and father Joe Dubois, played by Jake Weber. Joe may at times be bewildered, skeptical or even totally exasperated, but he is unshakably loyal and loving, attributes that have had the character rated in multiple polls as one of the best spouses on TV.

MEDIUM spent five years on NBC, ending on a cliffhanger on both sides of the camera before the series was picked up by CBS for another two seasons, which will come to an end this Friday night. This interview with Weber was conducted when it was not known whether an eighth season might be forthcoming. The actor, whose film career includes starring roles in U-571, WENDIGO and the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake, sounds philosophical in any case.

ASSIGNMENT X: Was everyone at MEDIUM on pins and needles about the seventh-season renewal, or did you have a good feeling?

JAKE WEBER: No, every year it’s always been a question mark, and this was no different. I’m happy to be back. It always seems to be a drama – a friend of mine said his favorite soap opera on TV was the renewal of MEDIUM the year before, when we switched networks.

AX: Your character Joe has gone through an awful lot on the work front. He had some very funny, surprising interactions with his increasingly unhinged immediate supervisor.

WEBER: Oh, yeah, Joel Moore [as Keith Bruning]. He’s a very good actor, he does a lot of work, he was in AVATAR. I liked working with him – he’s fun to work with. He’s a funny guy and he likes to improv, which I like to do.

AX: Do they let you know when Joe has a big B storyline arc coming up?

WEBER: It just varies on the storylines that [creator/executive producer] Glenn [Gordon Caron] is coming up with. It’s not like sometimes they want to do more for Joe and sometimes they want to do more for Scanlon – it’s just how things happen in the imaginative process of the writers. I don’t think there’s a real design to it. I think it’s more just random, honestly.

AX: Now, there have been a couple of episodes where Allison has either died or been comatose –

WEBER: Really?

AX: As you know. Do you try to change up Joe’s reactions?

WEBER: Everything that could possibly happen to this woman has happened. I think they do a pretty good job of giving her new afflictions. But certainly, it’s not Joe’s first rodeo [laughs]. He’s been in that arena a couple of times. As I say, I don’t think they sort of repeat themselves as they find new weird things, like one time she can’t hear, then the next time, she can’t see without glasses. It is turning a little bit into a Monty Python sketch, though [laughs]. But they’ve always done a good job of imagining new scenarios for her.

Maria Lark, Jake Weber and Patricia Arquette in MEDIUM - Season 7 - "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" |©2011 CBS/Michael Yarish

Maria Lark, Jake Weber and Patricia Arquette in MEDIUM - Season 7 - "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day" |©2011 CBS/Michael Yarish

AX: And the young actresses playing the three Dubois daughters are getting taller and taller. Are the twins Madison and Miranda Carabello still sharing the role of youngest girl Marie?

WEBER: Yes. They’re eight years old now. Those kids are great. We’ve grown up together. They were two years old when we started. For as long as they can remember, we’ve been all hanging out, so we’re close. They’re like my little surrogate kids.

AX: Has that been good preparation in any way for being an actual parent?

WEBER: Oh, yeah, I guess they came along before my boy did. Oh, it’s all the same, it’s kids. You play with them, you tickle them, you goof around with them, you tease them and they’re happy.

AX: Have you talked at all to DAWN OF THE DEAD director Zack Snyder since making the film?

WEBER: No, I haven’t seen Zack since the movie that we did together. I see he’s doing well. His movies are great. I’ve been watching his movies. Zack’s a great guy, he’s a very talented guy. And he’s a good man, too. He’s good to the people he works with.

AX: Anybody you’d particularly like to work with, given your druthers?

WEBER: I just saw John C. Reilly. He did such a good job in CYRUS, and I’ve always thought that he’s fun. He likes to improv, I like to improv – I’d love to work with him one day. I think he’s a terrific actor.

AX: Had you made your peace with the idea of cancellation awhile back?

WEBER: You know what? I have a [real-life] family now. It’s lovely to work with these [MEDIUM] people, [but] there’s a whole world out there. I’m really happy to be in this world [of MEDIUM],, but when this is over, I look forward to trying to get something else.


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  2. I’m sad. I’ve loved Medium since the very beginning & am happy that it got saved by CBS. I will miss the adventures of Allison & the Medium characters.

    • Soooooooooooooo sad that Medium has ended. I live in Quebec, Canada and just saw the last show ‘Me without You…What a chemistry between all the actors and let alone Jake Webber’s realistic performance as her husband and dad to the girls. My husband could really relate in many of those shows! Thank you to all for this wonderful and greatly missed synergy!

  3. I will be very surprised if this show isn’t picked up by another network. It’s been a rather steady ratings winner for it’s time slot and day..so quite why they are now deciding to cancel a very well working show defies utter logic..but hey reality dump in the toilet tv will sadly win out with the average american bread dead in front of the tv…no wonder we constantly loose great shows!

  4. Where have I been? I didn’t even know until last week that Medium was ending!! Head in the sand, I guess. However, after watching the series finale, I absolutely hated it!! I’ve been a loyal follower since it first appeared on NBC, then followed it to CBS. What a silly, stupid way to end a very entertaining program!! The ONLY part I enjoyed was the very end AFTER Allison’s death — 41 years later — when lo and behold, Joe’s standing right there waiting for the love of his life to be with him. Well, at least this show was given a chance to end, unlike soooo many shows that are simply cancelled without anyone’s knowledge, until it’s too late. I’m really, really going to miss watching Jake Weber every week. What a love!!

    • I agree, DCH, I too liked the fictional character of Joe DuBois, the writing for him and the way Jake Weber played him. I watched the show as much to watch that character as anything. Patricia Arquette worked very hard on this series, and the character development of the daughters was enjoyable to see.
      The end of the finale was good, I was glad to see the actor Enrique Murciano from Without A Trace, again, and to see the 2 main characters reuniting for eternity.
      I so appreciated the constancy and supportiveness of the character “Joe”. I wish more TV mates (husband or wife) were that great.
      I’ll miss the show, Medium.

  5. I am so sad that this show has ended, and more sad in the way that it ended. I’m glad for a closure, and to see the real actors walk off the set in a good way, but I think that having Joe die was heart wrenching. I don’t think it was necessary, especially as the “real Joe” is alive and well. Therefore, why the need? Plus Alison would have seen that plane crash coming. That was her gift. And to see her end up in a nursing home all by herself – too, too sad. I’m disappointed. Love you Joe.

  6. I loved the finale!!! I was bawling my eyes out at the end and then each actor got to wave good-bye to us! That was the best — saying good-bye. It rarely gets to happen and they were all smiling and I was smiling through my tears. Loved the show the whole time it was on and loved the finale. Loved all the actors and their characters. Loved the family — mother, father and all the girls. They all made me smile. Thank you a great run. Best to all of you=)!

  7. Please wake up Allison and let us know this was all a dream. Tell Joe not to go to Hawaii. Such a terrible ending for a great show.

  8. I didn’t find “Medium” until about the third or fourth season, but have been a faithful watcher ever since. One of my favorite shows of all time. I’m really disappointed that it’s over.

    I’m thankful, though, that they did a series finale. It caught me by surprise, because I didn’t know it _was_ the series finale until I got to the end– but it was good to have the series wrapped up rather than just having it disappear without any closure to it.

    Thanks to CBS for picking Medium up for a final 1 1/2 seasons after it was originally canceled, and for giving it a fitting ending. I’m sure the cast and crew will be happy to go on to other projects, and I’ll look forward to watching them.

  9. HATED the ending. What a kick in the gut let-down for the longtime fans of this show. I’m going to be thinking of this episode in the way of Bobby Ewing — it was just a dream.

  10. WTF ????

    who knew this was ending ? NOT me.

    • I feel as if I’ve been robbed (someone call Lee Scanlon!!!) I watched this show from the beginning, following every turn, because I CARED about what happened to this family. Pathetic? Perhaps… but I’m pretty sure that that’s the reaction the writers, performers and crew were looking for.

      The best part of Medium was the relationship between Joe and Allison. Throughout the series the one thing that could be counted on was that they were in this together. Partners to the end. It was a shabby, cheap shot leaving Allison alone. Did it make for more “realistic” drama? Eh. People grow old together all the time.

      I’d have ended the show with an 80 year old Joe being roused from sleep by yet another one of Allison’s dreams, draw her close, kiss her forehead and then say into the room… “Goodnight, everyone…” Schmaltzy… but at least my heart wouldn’t feel so heavy.

  11. I was blind-sided by the cancellation…had no idea! I was actually glad I didn’t know ahead of time because it would have colored the finale. I kept hoping that it was just a dream but realized when Joe appeared that this was it and there was no where else to go with the storyline. It was then that I got a sinking feeling, looked at the DVR and saw the sad truth with those dreaded words…SERIES FINALE. At least we got to say goodbye. Thank you NBC and CBS for carrying this show. I looked forward to watching it every week and shed a few tears as I watched the final show. RIP Medium.

  12. Didn’t care for the ending episode either; didn’t want to see the “true” fate of Joe. Loved Jake in the role. I knew a fairy tale ending wasn’t going to happen, though.

    Had they not done that, I could easily see the series picked up by USA or TNT; MEDIUM’s got characters that you really care about. Still, I’m sure the actors were ready to move on — 7 seasons is a success by any measure, especially after getting dropped by one network to be picked up by another.

    Ralph F
    • I should add — I did love the end shots of the actors waving goodbye. That was great.

      Ralph F
  13. What a dreadful way to end a wonderful TV series. Jake Weber was great as the loyal and sorely tested husband. The children were believable and we watched them grow up. Patricia Arquette played a great mom who was also coping with her psychic visions. Tell us it’s all a bad dream: give us a better ending for this show. Better yet, restart it on another network.

  14. I watched Medium from the first episode and it has been an amazing series. I love the characters esp. Allison, Joe, Bridget and Devalos. There have been some awesome momnets throughout the seven seasons and I will miss it! Congratulations to all the actors and writers involved with the show for producing some amazing entertainment over the last few years.

  15. It’s okay that the show ended. Everything ends eventually. But the way it ended could have been better. Being an avid fan of the series I am utterly dissapointed at how they decided to end it. Can’t imagine why they decided to let Allison live on 41 years without her ever supporting husband and die alone in a nursing home. The fact that her spirit rejoins his didn’t make it a good love story! Why oh why??

  16. The ending was a clumsy, bad piece of writing. A Narrative disappointment and a bad choice of story line.

  17. ——————————————
    I’m really disappointed about the finale. I was enough heartbroken to know that Medium was ending, but to watch this episode was even more depressing. After 7 years with this TV family, it’s like they were a part of my life. The cast was amazing, interactions between actors were filled with an incredible alchemy. None cared about fans and how we struggled to keep Medium going on. This show was still alive and full of opportunities, you just rudely killed it.
    The only good part was when the actors were waving goodbye, that was appreciated.

  18. I agree with Ginny….wanted the happy ending with Joe kissing Allison goodnight….was another who had no idea….I have LOVED the show… I never missed it..can’t believe it’s over…sniff…sniff….

  19. Why are all the good series ending?please tell me that the future is NOT just reality programs??/

    Yvette Kelly

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