It seemed only natural that Christopher Young’s talents for melodic darkness would evolve from the satanic strains of his HELLRAISER-ish scores, and put him on the more “respectable” map of the romantic mystery thriller, a genre he was particularly prolific with in the ’90’s in such scores as COPYCAT, DREAM LOVER, HUSH and JENNIFER 8.

Perhaps Young’s most interesting, and romantically yearning score during that decade was 1996’s UNFORGETTABLE. John Dahl’s now-cult film saw Ray Liotta using a memory regressing drug to ferret out his wife’s killer, a process whose elements of sci-fi and horror allowed Young to use the full bag of musical tricks that had made his Hollywood bones.

Hushed voices flash back with an aching violin, the mind fills with walls of ever-building thematic tension that tenuously hang between dissonance and melody, while bursts of metal guitar and block percussion unlock a murderer in the mind’s eye. It’s a gripping journey into a haunted past that makes UNFORGETTABLE just that in Young’s prolific resume. Previously released as a composer promo that made it a rare prize, Perseverance has now remastered UNFORGETTABLE’s complete score even adding two jazz ensemble pieces.

With Young, Dahl and music editor Thomas Milano reminiscing on the score for Randall Larson’s incisive liner notes, UNFORGETTABLE more than ever confirms Young as a master of innovative suspense with this unnerving, yet poignant headtrip.

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