CD Review: UNFORGETTABLE soundtrack (1100 copies limited edition)

UNFORGETTABLE soundtrack |©2011 Perseverance Records

It seemed only natural that Christopher Young’s talents for melodic darkness would evolve from the satanic strains of his HELLRAISER-ish scores, and put him on the more “respectable” map of the romantic mystery thriller, a genre he was particularly prolific with in the ’90’s in such scores as COPYCAT, DREAM LOVER, HUSH and JENNIFER 8. Perhaps Young’s most interesting, and romantically yearning score during that decade was 1996’s UNFORGETTABLE. John Dahl’s now-cult film saw Ray Liotta using a memory regressing drug to ferret out his wife’s killer, a process whose elements of sci-fi and horror allowed Young to use the […]Read On »


WonderCon 2011: First look at FEMME FATALES poster for new Cinemax series

FEMME FATALES poster for the Cinemax series at WonderCon 2011 | ©2011 Assignment X/Peter Brown

While scoping out the floors at WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco, ASSIGNMENT X got a glimpse at the poster of the anticipated new Cinemax anthology series FEMME FATALES which is based on the popular print magazine. The series will feature Noirish and sexy tales and will air Friday nights. The series debuts later this year. You can check out the photo below. CLICK HERE to check out all of ASSIGNMENT X’s news and you can also follow our coverage on TWITTER by CLICKING HERE.

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