Forget Johnny Depp. No man is proving to be a more reliable companion to Angelina Jolie’s mysterious allure like James Newton Howard, who turns in his second terrific score for the actress after this year’s SALT. While there’s a surfeit of that film’s ballsy spy action here, THE TOURIST is mostly plying the same kind of luxurious, old-world waters that Henry Mancini and John Barry did when movies like CHARADE and FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE were the height of escapist fashion- a throwback appeal that THE TOURIST pulls off with panache.

Most of this music is the elegant equivalent of beautiful people, well-appointed hotel rooms and a dangerous attraction to the man with a suspect past (or woman in the case of this enjoyable lark, as Depp’s playing Audrey Hepburn opposite Jolie’s Cary Grant).

James Newton Howard does a great job of pouring on the swelling glitz from opera-waltz pastiches to the Italiano accordions and classical appeal of Venice, cleverly using a piano to play the characters’ playfully furtive attraction, while wrapping Jolie about in a sometimes-sinister allure that would do Catherine Tramell proud. And when it comes to the action stuff, Howard mixes up the bright, movie-movie orchestrations with techno rhythms just to keep things current, a la his other bouncily percussive Euro-centric score for DUPLICITY.

From fun start to finish on our trip down the dangerously romantic byways of Venice, there’s no denying the old-school charm that THE TOURIST’s score has in spades, music that plays the glamorous stuff that stars like Jolie are made of.

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