One of those great, groovy WTF early 70’s flicks, PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW cast randy Rock Hudson as a football coach-cum-guidance counselor, whom most of the high school is falling in the sack, couch and car with when they aren’t falling over dead.

While penned by of no less than STAR TREK’s Gene Roddenberry for the erotic directorial vision of BARBARELLA’s Roger Vadim, the swinging feather in MAIDS’ cap was its score by Lalo Schifrin. A master of pop jazz whose rhythms had accompanied no small amount of sensual lady killing before, Schifrin’s hepness play humorously well into the film’s truly demented, and very hot satire, whether it be a Brubeck-Latin beat, cocktail seduction or lush big band romance.

There’s something more than a bit off about the enticing orchestrations, an electronic and orchestral darkness which comes more prominently into play as MAIDS’ murder mystery peps up, with a particular highlight using insane fuzz guitars to go into a memorial’s church organs. But if there’s one thing here you’re not going to get out of your head, then it’s the love generation melody and lyrics of Schifrin and Mike Curb’s “Chilly Winds.” Perhaps the squeaky clean Osmonds thought they were singing for some hippie Ralph Waldo Emerson flick when they recorded this freewheeling song, a tune whose melody takes root throughout MAIDS. You’ll be happy to get it on with Schifrin’s girls on Film Score Monthly’s seduction-ready CD, not to mention finally being able to watching them take it off at Warner Brothers’ Archive label- a great enough reason alone for that on-demand label to exist.


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Article: Review – PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW  soundtrack

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