© 2010 Fox/photo: Mathieu Young | Tim Roth in LIE TO ME - Season Three

© 2010 Fox/photo: Mathieu Young | Tim Roth in LIE TO ME - Season Three

It’s a tough TV business, and every year fan favorite shows get the boot in favor of new shows that sometimes don’t live up to the potential of the departing series.

This year, Fox canceled many fan favorites including the three season LIE TO ME, the two season HUMAN TARGET and THE CHICAGO CODE and the comedies TRAFFIC LIGHT and BREAKING IN.

While speaking to the press today about their Fall 2011 and Mid-season 2012 schedules, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly spoke about major casualties this year at the network and why they had to make these hard decisions.

“I think we were pretty candid that a couple of the shows we had to let go was because we didn’t have shelf space and they probably would have made the cut at other networks,” says Reilly. “We could have been more conservative this year, but we wanted to take our core strength now and seed in new shows for the next chapter. We gave those shows a shot and now its time to try some new ones.”

In terms of how they determined the new bumper crop of shows, Fox Entertainment Chairman Peter Rice admits that Fox is quite different from their competitors.

“We have very vibrant franchises and a vast diversity of shows from reality, animation, comedy and drama so we’re very selective what we bring on,” says Rice. “We have a very strong schedule for next year even though we’re sad to see these other shows leaving.”

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  1. why doesn’t fox just rename itself the American Idol network? They give three nights and millions in advertising to that BORING, TEDIOUS, tired show but yet they won’t give CC any love. I just don’t get it. CC has a great cast, great acting, great writing and great action scenes. Come on FOX….get with the program and renew this show. I am so upset that CC has been cancelled.

    Valerie Tower
    • Unbelievable! Amazing the level of stupidity! I can understand making room for new shows. I cannot understand getting rid of the best newest shows and leaving the crap behind and still on the air. Amazing! Seriously amazing! This has got to be a historical moment, where FOX has made the most unprecedented & ignorant decision of all time. CC & L2M are FOX’s best shows of all time.

  2. Agree with above. Seems like tv is becoming amer. idol, the voice, the x factor, so you think you can dance, amer. got talent and on and on. What about the people that don’t watch these shows and enjoy regular tv shows ie action, suspence, comedy etc.. I guess the networks feels those people can go sc— themselves. Money money money Thanks alot!!!

    Bob Henning
    • You have to watch Showtime or HBO… Fox is in the cheap production mode which means endless crap.

  3. Thank God for the USA Network

    • Amen, all my favorite shows are on that channel. Burn Notice, Psych, Covert Affairs, and Royal Pains.

  4. What a crock of poo poo- They gave Lie To Me a chance, if they mean by moving it around the schedule and not advertising it or only giving it one full season then yeah I guess they did. Stupid Fox make sure you put on more cartoons and reality tv cause that’s all that people want to watch. Good tv is thrown away to make room for crap.

  5. I’m sick of being burned by Fox. Over the last 10 years they have canceled too many good shows that I have loved without giving them a fair shake. I’m officially no longer watching any new shows on Fox. If something amazing comes out, I’ll catch it on DVD.

  6. I am VERY upset that Lie to Me was canceled. I dont understand why you would cancel a show that is as unique as Lie to Me. American idol has not been the same since Simon and Paula left and it really is redundant. I really hope that Lie to Me gets picked up by another network because it really deserves it. This is quite shocking

  7. I can’t believe they cancelled Lie to Me. That is the only show that was worth watching over and over. Not only did it have the suspense and thrill a show needs, but it had comedy and a good back story going. Yes, just rename the network AI-TV because that is all they are going to show.

  8. I’m really upset at the Lie to Me cancellation. Fox never did try to get attention to it. The first season was moved around constantly and they never promoted it properly. Not to mention the huge gap between the first part of season 2 (stopped airing in december 2009) and the other 9 episodes were aired in jume 2010. Fox is really stupid. Letting go Oscar nominee Tim Roth was a huge mistake. I hope their pilots drown.

    • Well said! I’m sick of good shows getting cancelled by cheap suit wearing idiots who’ve never watched the shows. It’s worse when the show has been misused like lie to me after a good first season they renew the show for season 2 only to air the back 9 in june (who does that) all they care about is money! Maybe if the new shows drown early they’ll realise how stupid they were and bring Lie to me back!

      • I cannot believe fox will cancel lie to me. It is so hard to find a show with as much character and innovation as lie to me. This is indeed a great disappointment.

        • Ef Fox! I am a loyal LTM fan. Couldn’t wait to see the new episodes that I thought would be coming out soon. FOX IS BANNED from my TV!!!! Ef you FOX!Any Network that picks up the show get’s my attention!

  9. The Human Target is a good action program bad Idea to cancel

    ml mike
    • HUMAN TARGET….great show, wonderful stars & writing….whats not to like? I really hate you Fox….this happens to every show I hv watched that I liked, especially on FOX!…PLEASE someone pick up HT so I can go on living!!Naomi

    • Any channel that shows rubbish like American Idol and axes such good shows as Human Target is clearly stupid. Problem is, shows like American Idol are easy to create as the world is full of idiots who can’t sing. The reason these shows are becoming more popular on all networks is the revenue the channels can pull in from the phone vote – every time the gullilble fools who watch this crap phone in, they make money, simple! There is far too much ‘reality’ tv these days and not enough decent drama / action, etc.

  10. Lame, lame, lame. They have Tim Roth ready, willing and able to commit to a show and they CANCEL IT??? Proud to say I have never watched a single episode of American Idol. Proud to say I have watched all the episodes of Lie to Me. LTM didn’t even get a full season this year. Lame, lame, lame.

  11. Huge mistake by cancelling “Lie to Me.” It was truly intelligent entertainment. Congratulations Fox. You are now officially the same crap, different day network.

  12. I know I should have learned my lesson a couple of years ago before I sat down to watch Lie to Me Season 1 on DVD. I felt it would get the axe right away since after all, it is on FOX, the killer of all good shows (Firefly, Space Above and Beyond etc) but it surprisingly didn’t. So I caught up on Season 1 via DVD and became an avid viewer and had this idea that maybe, just maybe they got their heads out of the a$$es at FOX.

    I then got into Chicago Code, loved the show and all that it had to look forward to and what does FOX do to thank me for my viewership? They kick me in the nads and cut two of the shows I bother to watch on their crappy network.

    They’re so determined to stick with that stinking pile of dung, American Idol several nights a week and cut creative shows like Lie To Me and Chicago Code.

    Go ahead and keep those viewers FOX, even they’re leaving. You’ve lost the people like me for good, why should I bother investing my time into a good show you’re just going to kill? You’ve done it for the final time, enjoy the brain dead sheeple who watch AI because that’s all your network has left.

    • I agree. Why bother to even start watching when it will be canceled anyway.

  13. I am so upset that they canceled Chicago Code. Everything about that show was awesome. Fox has burnt too many bridges by canceling too many good shows. I am sad to say that I am giving up on them. They do nothing to promote a faithful following of their network – they just get you hooked on shows and then cancel them.
    I hope and pray another network will pick up chicago code. Fox, sorry, I’m done with you.

  14. Oh, but bob’s burgers is such a quality freaking show? unbelievable, and american idol now sucks, couldn’t stand to watch that this season! Some of the worst singers i have ever heard!

  15. Fox, I am finished with you!!! THE CHICAGO CODE IS GREAT!!! It is starting to get even better, why take it off??
    I am done watching any FOX Shows.

  16. All I have to say is that I am very disappointed in you Fox.

  17. Chicago Code is the best new drama this year, and by far. Unfortunately it was on the worst network, one that is basically a reality show network. I can only hope that NBC who needs some gritty, quality shows like they used to have, will pick up Chicago Code. I too will no longer watch a new show on Fox because all they do is cancel it no matter how good it is. Why should i invest my time and good faith in a network that quits on its customers. Disgraceful. Chicago Code. Long my you run.

    Mike Shore
  18. It’s ridiculous that Chicago Code & Lie to Me are being cancelled. I must agree with the above entries, cause it seems that everything is American Idol (which has really fallen out of grace with many views). PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL THESE DRAMA SHOWS!!!

  19. I would NOT call giving Chicago Code HALF a season, “a shot.” I truly hope that one of the Cable networks pick this show up and knock Fox on its BUTT for dropping it! You guys are MORONS!

  20. So disappointed in Fox canceling the Chicago Code. If you are not willing to invest in your shows, then why should I bother investing my time only to see them canceled prematurely?

  21. This is a big mistake to cancel Chicago Code Its one of the best shows on tv.Seeing how the big three networks have been missed up for years that goodness foe USA


  23. Keep The Chicago Code! That is good TV!

  24. FU fox how come when anything comes around on your network you have to cancell it. firefly chicago code lie to me dollhouse ect.why don’t you just get rid of house and bones to while you’re at it cause the you could chgange your name to the american idol channel that all you show now anyways

  25. YOU SUCK MR. FOX PRESIDENT, you should keep
    those shows and let E! Ent have American Idol, X-Factor, and the voice since E! has the crappies
    shows like the kardashians who watches that show
    anywhow? PEACE YA’LL

  26. What can you expect from the network that cancelled a blockbuster like Family Guy TWICE!! Chicago Code was my favorite new show in a very long time. Of course, also at fault is the American television viewing audience. Crap like American Idol, Survivor, The Bachelor, Jersey Shore, Real Housewives, and Dancing with the Stars wouldn’t still be on if so many braindead lemmings weren’t out there watching them.


  28. I agree… I have religiously watched Chicago Code, Human Target, and 24. All gone…. I will never get involved in another series on Fox again. What the hell for? I’m tired of being depressed when they are cancelled. I can’t take it any longer. This is crap….

    John O'Hair-Schattenberg
  29. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Finally a new, original show comes along with a phenomenal story line like Chicago Code and Fox doesn’t even give it a chance. CC has been the best show to come along in years – for any network. Fox your choices suck! It’s time to sink American Idol and stop wasting so many primetime hours per week on it. Give us some good TV. Keep Chicago Code.

  30. Very Very upset that The Chicago Code (which wasnt given a chance) and Human Target was cancelled. Im tired of giving my time to Fox and then they dont care about their viewership. It isnt all about reality tv. I can take my tv watching to other networks, I mean why waste my time?

  31. Chicago Code and Lie to Me are the two best shows on TV!! Why are you forcing people to leave your network and watch shows on other networks?? It would be a mistake to cancel these shows!

  32. People, people, people don’t you understand FOX. As I’m sure most of the people responsible for programming have a college degree. That does not mean they actually exercise good judgement or common sense. Human Target, Lie to Me, and some of the others mention are very entertaining shows and fan favorites. Fox is now the STAR SEARCH channel. Shouldn’t Ed McMahon estates be receiving some sort of royalties? Wonder if the cartoon network fells threaten? FOX seems to be more interested in viewers ranging from the age of 12 to 18. Teen girls with American Idol. And simpletons with the cartoons. No one past the age of 21 is actually interested in either. Aren’t you thankful for cable! CBS, ABC, FX, CW, ESPN, USA channels etc… If it wasn’t for the fact that I was looking for the next Human Target show I would never have known it was cancelled. So I guess FOX will have one last viewer. Guess my dollars won’t be going to any of their sponsors since there won’t be anything on FOX of interest to me.

  33. Viewers who had a chance to watch a 1/2 season of Chicago Code were treated to some of the best drama in AGES!!! UR DECISION TO CANX CHICAGO CODE PREMATURELY WHILE AI DRAGS ON N ON N ON IS LUDICROUS

  34. One other thought. Why show any interest in any show FOX puts on the air. When you can count on them taking it off just as fans get involved in the show(s). I’m glad Smallville,Supernatural and Vampire Diaries weren’t on FOX. Thanks CW!

  35. Viewers aren’t brain dead, the execs at FOX are. Guess you could refer to them as the dumb, dumber, and dumbest network execs.

  36. Fox has no heart. “Lie to Me” and C.C are great show. Who makes these calls. NBC gives “Chuck a 4th season yet FOX can not give these shows any chance at all.

  37. I’ve loved the perfect balance between that science and the drama that Lie to me offered and IMO there is no other show out there like it. The ratings were solid even though Fox screwed around with it by moving it to all different dates and times, not ordering the full back nine, placing a long hiatus in the middle of the season etc. On top of all that, Fox chose to spend all of the advertising dollars on the two shows that really didn’t need it – American Idol and Glee. I’ve learned my lesson this time: Forget Fox – If you’re going to invest in really enjoying a show, better try another network because Fox will just cancel it right when you’re hooked!
    I hope Lie to me is picked up by another network.

  38. If fox is stupid enough to cancel Chicago code then they need to just stick to running re runs of seinfield and the office and every other already established show because they are hopeless followers and are way short of innovative, original, or mainstream for that matter. Fox has become a true load of crap network. I hope they get picked up elsewhere. Shoot for the OWN network. Oprah, the chicago native, would probably love it :).

  39. Ok, so finally some shows that have a plot and REAL acting (unlike the lame, out-of-date, ugly American Idol) and what do you do, You cancel. Let’s start with the American Idiot (aka, idol) You can cut back on it to one show a week and 1 hr tops. Then keep Lie to Me and Chicago Code… I mean really, do you only have an 8th grade mentality or less??? Do you really think that American Idiot will sustain your network in the long run. Think again lame brain, oh NO Brain.

  40. I fell in love with Chicago Code and seems like I do with a Fox show every season that they cancel on me. I hope someone picks up The Chicago Code, Jennifer Beals is beautiful & amazing!

  41. Human Target was completely wasted on Fox. Fans were left with an amazing cliffhanger at the end of season one, the whole season had been leading up to it. Then Fox screws it up by forcing in two lame, barely formed characters, the story arc from s1 is tossed aside and Fox spends the entire season doing everything it can to kill the series. HUMAN TARGET FANS GOT SCREWED! And for what? It sure as hell wasn’t to make room for quality action or drama on the schedule! What are they offering? Yet MORE puerile cartoons and vapid talent shows. Plus their idea of “a safe bet” third rate spin-offs like The Finder – which is incidentally a spin off from Bones, a show that is seriously flagging in terms of quality these days!
    And as for all the new shows they’ve just announced – who the hell is going to watch them? Even if (and it’s a big if judging from the coverage of the upfronts I’ve already seen) they are any good, why watch them when they’re on the kiss-of-death network? Fox has no commitment to its audience, and less than none to supporting its shows!

    • Everything you said. I don’t watch A.Idiots (Oops!! Sorry, my French got in the way) A.Idol and cartoons . . . after all I’m older than 16 years of age. I hate waste hence Fox tv is off my radar. Human Target would’ve been better to be on the USANetwork instead. As Guerrero would say: “Nuff said”. Dee.

    • Human Target was a favorite. I looked forward to it every week. The three male leads were encredible…then you took it away. I, also think shows like Bones are lame-what else can you say about a show whose main character is so idiotic that we find ourselves calling her SOOOOO stupid at least once on every single episode. And that show just keeps on playing…

  42. I wish Human Target has been on the U.S.A. Network! FOX has a history of bad decisions with shows I mean they canceled family guy twice, firefly, etc etc and now they axed both Human Target and Lie to Me, but hey they kept Fringe which didn’t have better ratings but the demographic they had was better. Nothing against Fringe fans I’m happy for ya, but as always FOX does screw us over. Imagine if Smallville had been on FOX….. we never would have made it past season 2.

    Chris Hamer
  43. Seems like Fox’s idea of great TV revolves around animated series (Bob’s Burgers) and singing competions (AI). And we know the above two shows are only for the most discriminating viewers.

  44. Yet again Fox network screws over its audience base. Start firing people over there. Chicago Code, Lie To Me, and Human Target were the only shows left to watch on your network after you terminated Sons of Tucson. I am done with your network and anything to do with Fox. By the way, American Idol is crap and the X-Factor on your rival’s station is far better. Idol is crap since Simon and Paula left. I stopped watching when they let all those crappy singers through. Randy who? J-lo? Steven Tyler is the only one with any credentials on that panel. A big butt may sell records but it does not mean you can judge talent.

  45. I’m so fed up with FOX, I can’t even tell. They cancel Lie To Me, one of the smartest and most brilliant shows ever. There’s nothing like it and there will never be if some other network doesn’t pick it up!! *hinthint* FOX never cared about it, they never promoted it and kept moving it around as if purposely trying to get rid of it. And now they cancel it and dare say they gave it a chance?! I mean, really?! How stupid do they think their audience is? FOX doesn’t care about their viewers, everything they care about are brain numbing reality formats nobody’s interested in! All I have to say is BOYCOTT FOX!

  46. Bad choice cancelling Lie to Me. After this I don’t care to give any of your shows a shot. There’s no point, chances are half will be bad and I won’t want to watch them any way, but the other half that I might have liked… why bother watching, even if they are good you will cancel them anyway.
    Why didn’t you pair Lie to Me with Bones instead of fringe which just doesn’t go well with Bones.

    go to hell Fox!

  47. Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, etc.

    Doug Boone
  48. What is with TV programmers lately they are canceling all the good stuff for the reality crap.
    Must be GREED shows with low over head seem to be what people want to watch. Many of the big companies that have sent their work to China out of GREED are kicking themselves in the ass now.

  49. i loved chicago code – it was unique w/great story lines. one of the best cop shows out there, and i like the truth to this show bc of the corruption that does go on in chicago..breaking in was brilliant–christian slater was fantastic playing the “secretive” boss and his crew were funny yet good at what they did for him.. there is no other comedy like this one…chicago code and breaking in need to be picked up. i mean look how many times scrubs got a chance on diff networks– well i think these 2 shows deserve that chance as well..OR Fox should just re-evaluate their decision and keep them..everybody i’ve talked to watched both of these shows and loved them…its not fair!

  50. HUMAN TARGET was the best show. Fox never even promoted this show…at all, yet it still kept growing each week in ratings.

    The Christopher Chance character was legendary as a movie action hero, like Indiana Jones.
    Fox blew it on this one….this is the only one cancelled that could be made into a MOVIE

  51. Serously. Human Target great show I really looked forward to it. .

    Patty Nordblom
  52. Human Target, lie to me, and chicago code are all great shows. You really need to get rid of Idol and those stupid cartoons.

  53. I loved Human Target – that’s it I am not watching Fox anymore. They find great shows then they dump them.

  54. NNNNNNnnnnnnnoooooooooooo!
    Human Target is one of my favorite shows.
    Why have you forsaken me yet again Fox?

  55. Shame on FOX! I loved Lie to me – one opf the very few shows I watched.

  56. Lets show FOX what we think about cancelling The Chicago Code! Help get everyone you know to watch the final episode. http://on.fb.me/jsyZwS

  57. So you’re telling the american people that a unique scientific and intelligent show like “Lie to me” should be cancelled so we can make way for new shows like ” Terra Nova”, a show about people in the 2249 going back to the stone age, “New Girl”, a comedy about 2 odd couples trying to make it, “I hate my teenage daughter”? (the name pretty much speaks for itself), and “Bob’s Burger”, a CARTOON!!!!!!!. Gee Fox, No wonder you’re clinging on to “American Idol”, “Bones”, “Glee” and “Fringe” because after “Lie to me” is on…..You’ll only have 4 decent shows left!!!!!!

  58. Human Target was one of the sit coms you waited for week after week and your going to cancel. Fox have idiots running their programming. It was well casted and entertaining.

    Jack button
  59. they cancel all these shows but they all have better ratings than fringe.

    i have to admit that lie to me and human target was not working, BUT they had a LOT of potential.

  60. Oh come on….Human Target and Lie To Me…What CACA…I agree why bother start watching anything on FOX if they are just gonna cancel it anyway.

    I have just about had enough already.

  61. And another thing….I am sick of so much Reality TV….Please bring back some decent shows.

  62. The Exec’s who cancelled these shows are idiots, simple as that.

    Kyan Jackson
  63. damn you fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Human Target & Lie To Me are top quality shows, how the hell you cancel them FOX? Im having so much fun while watching HT(if you didnt watch this show, you guys missing a lot) and LTM was so great (a TV show with Tim Roth ffs!) FOX open your damn eyes we want them back!

  65. I am beyond disappointed in their decision to kill Human Target. It was an excellent series.

    Fox isn’t alone in my ire– most of the shows I’ve only just gotten into have been axed in the past couple of weeks. But Human Target is easily one of the biggest losses, IMO. I hope that one of the other networks will pick it up.

  66. The fact that NOBODY has defended the Fox decision on these emails speaks volumes….we ARE the viewing public!!

  67. Human Target was amazing. The best action show I’ve seen in a long time, with great characters and good acting. I don’t know what FOX is thinking, but it must be something along the lines of “we don’t want to make good shows anymore, we want to turn people into fame-seeking zombies with stupid not-actually-talent-based reality shows that suck”.

  68. I am VERY disappointed that they canceled Lie To Me! It’s so quality I can’t understand why they have to cancel it! SHAME ON YOU FOX.

    I really do hope another network will pick up LTM. It’s too amazing just to let it go like that. WE WANT LIE TO ME!

  69. Vote with your feet people, don’t watch Fox anymore.

  70. You watch Fox with your feet? Are you sure your initials shouldn’t be “E.T”?

    Betsy Wetsy
  71. I am so done with Fox. Lie to Me was the last straw. Let’s face it, House is washed up. I have no interest in reality tv or Glee for that matter. And I have zero interest in any of the new shows they plan to release in the fall. Lie to Me had real potential. So folks, it’s a pipe dream but lets hope there’s a network out there that see’s what we see. An original storyline, outstanding writers and even more outstanding actors in Tim Roth and Kelli Williams. Later FOX!

  72. Way to go Fox President Kevin Reilly! Really top notch. You got it wrong – Lie to Me was the last show on your network with real intellect. And sorry but no one can go toe to toe with Tim Roth. I am sure it doesn’t matter much but I’m out. I won’t be tuning into FOX anymore.

  73. LIE TO ME……………. FOX PRESIDENT. I won’t be watching your station anymore. Enjoy your musical realities.

  74. Lie to Me was always up against Two and a Half Men, the number one rated comedy on TV. The ratings would never be stellar at that time slot. This was, by far, my favorite TV show. Never given time to develop, it is a shame no one is in line to snatch it up at other networks. I will not boycott FOX, “Why?”, but I am stumped. Hopefully, it will show up elsewhere. One critic noted FOX will need at least one show to replace one of the “stinkers” they are bringing in this season. Tim Roth could come to the rescue ala Lone Star again.

    One idea, why not bring back the 2 hour MFTV movie for some of these shows? Two quality hours of Lie to Me once a month, with one brilliant developed story, might beat 40 minutes 4 times a month. Well?

  75. Lie to me – the only reason I turn on FOX… not anymore…
    Such unfaithful network I see

  76. may 24th 2011-

    a COMPLETE TRAVESTY to Cancel “The CHICAGO CODE”, seriously bone-heads with that move. How on Earth did you All at FOXY agree with that?? I was completely hooked, and completely DEVASTED [as if a world tragedy lol] that Jared Wasoki & crew on CC’s show is dropped! Bunch of BS–

  77. what do you mean you have no shelf space?? you have the simpsons and family guy on sunday, and fringe on friday (for some reason) there is nothing worth watching monday through thursday without chicago code! why not cancel crap like bones, house, american idol, and every other “reality” show you have.

  78. Is there a way to boycott this station that significantly makes an impact? I would like to know because if it can be done for just two weeks maybe they and other networks will wake up. Firefly got such a bad hand I wonder why Joss Whedon worked with them to put Dollhouse on the air when he would have done better taking the show elsewhere. Now I’ve lost Human Target and they were (are…I don’t know) axing Breaking In.

    It would be incredible to boycott the network on during the hours their brain dead reality shows come on and just boost the ratings for shows that actually require people working the right side of their brains to produce.

  79. I am so sick of those networks cancelling all the great shows! – Can’t you see that ratings are dropping BECAUSE of that? – Who wants to invest time in a show that gets canceled anyway, regardless how good it is? – I am so sorry for all the great actors of CHICAGO CODE, this was an awesome show and we all only can hope that other networks aren’t nuts and seeing the potential of this wonderful tv-show! – Fox sucks!

  80. Lie to me! i want it back, it was awesome, interesting, fun…not stupind like many others!…..think twice FOX, please…

  81. FIREFLY ANY ONE????????????????????????????? STUPID FOX

    • ..was that FOX too?! ah, too bad!

  82. Basically Fox is saying sorry intellectual viewers we need to cut a few good shows to make room for more $h**y reality TV

  83. Fox you numbties, with all the crap that you put out there, which is just chewing gum for the eye’s, you go and cancel two of your best shows (Human target & Lie to me), foolish at best & your stupidty knows no bounds.

  84. The “suits” canceled a great show like Chicago Code and next year will come up with some crap to replace it. I watched every episode and also watched the nine o’clock news on Fox. So they got this viewer watch two shows for one. I wonder if they thought of that!!!

  85. I agree with most of the comments. I do like the Seth MacFarlane cartoons and the Simpsons although I think the Cleveland Show and Bobs Burgers may need to leave (especially Bobs Burgers) I enjoy animation and have gotten many laughs from Family Guy. However I think Lie to Me and Human Target should have stuck around!


  87. Fox, I Have not seen one positive comment on this website or the Human Target communities cheering your decision to cancel this series. No one is happy with your stupid decision to cancel this show. You are clearly showing your customers that our opinions, views or demands count for nothing. Mr Reilly is putting on tv what he thinks we want. You need to go back to your old network and ax their tv shows. Fox you will always be a 2nd rate network with senseless axing on great shows.

  88. Well, with L2M and HT gone there is nothing for me to watch on Fox. Oh wait… I watch all my TV on Hulu and NetFlix. I wonder if FOX even bothered to take that into consideration in the decision. Wake up FOX, it’s a new era and not everyone watches TV when it’s broadcast.

  89. BOOO!!!! Why in the world would Fox cancel “LIE TO ME”! That show’s quite educational not to mention fun to watch… Please reconsider!!!!!

  90. I’m extremely upset that they canceled LIE TO ME & Human Target. Both we unique shows that were very different from the main stream copy cat stuff that’s on all of the other networks… Especially Lie to Me! Tim Roth was excellent – the entire cast were superb! I eagerly followed both shows from the beginning and looked forward to them each week. Fox just lost another viewer. I hope another network (USA???) picks up Lie To Me at least!!

  91. Why, oh why did they cancel “Lie to Me”!? It was my favourite show on TV! Dude, FOX sucks.

  92. I can’t f***ing believe this! I love Human Target! It’s of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time and Fox just axes it like it’s nothing to make room for crap like AI? What’s the point in making a good show if you’re not even going to keep it around for more than two seasons, Fox?

  93. And thus a vicious cycle continues. Fox cancels more shows before giving them a real chance. If a show doesn’t pull tremendous ratings right off the bat it gets canned. And why are so few of their shows able to do that? Because they have alienated so many viewers to the point of not trusting them. Who wants to invest their time in a new that will probably just get canceled whether they watch it or not?

  94. Weird. I loved Lie To Me AND Human Target. So unfortunate. 2 of my absolute FAVORITE shows…on any network. Honestly, I’m in love with USA and think most of their shows are amazing…but Lie to Me and Human Target were actually better than most of my favorites on USA. I was surprised…for a brief window of time. But, I guess it’s back to just USA. Stupid fox.

  95. I don’t understand Fox keeps spending money on these shows and they do well on tv. Then they decide oh lets spend money on another show that may turn out to be crap I mean the President of Fox actually admits to that. Why not leave a show that is actually being watched and that people are actually enjoying in production. If they decide they want to cancel a show they should at least allow the show to burn out or let the writers have a chance to kill the main cast members in order to cancel the series. This really ticks me off because some people do enjoy watching theses shows and they are actually very interesting and if you would watch lie to me every now and again it actually make perfect sense and could be used in real life so why take a show off the air that works and people are enjoying. If you want to continue making money sometimes you should just let well enough alone it was working just fine so why break it I mean how STUPID can some people be. So hopefully a smarter network will pick these shows up and run with them and then they will be even better and the FOX will loose there butts since they were stupid enough to cancel these shows while these shows had lead you up for the next season.

  96. Someone just turned me on to Lie to Me. I love it! Fox, you should give it a chance. Sometimes it takes 4 or 5 seasons for a show to catch on. If you would promote it the way TNT promotes The Closer, L2M would eventually be winning awards, too. I’m almost done with season 2 on DVD, and I am already very sad that I will soon be watching the last season. Please reconsider. It’s the best show I have watched in years.

  97. Fox sucks. Lie to Me was just starting to find itself. Fox has severely narrowed its audience.

  98. Lie To Me* seriously has to be be brought back, Fox should allow for Season 4 to show and many more thereafter. They let go of an awesome and the best series ever made. No reason for me to watch Fox now.

  99. I do not watch network TV. But, Human Target was the best show that I have seen in many years. The people at Fox are plain and simple idiots.

  100. I was so excited to watch each and every new episode of human target and Lie to me. Me and my wife watched them religiously. I guess I’ll have to stick with vampire diaries. FOX you had the most talented actors on television and you let them go. I am sad to see the day when american idol or any other reality tv show is put ahead of actual creative writing and really good acting talent. Shame on you FOX for making america stupid with crap tv!

  101. Lie to Me, Human Target, NFL and Animation Dominationa are the only shows on FOX that I watch. I guess Rupert Murdoch has the same idiots running FOX that he had running News of the World.

  102. Fox cancelled “Lie to me”… well I hope they go bankruptcy and close…

    Stupid morons…

  103. It is absolutely ridiculous to cancel very successful and popular shows (LIE TO ME) and start new, stupid, non-popular shows in place of the successful ones. That is very stupid public relations.

  104. What the hell is Fox doing, seriously?
    Freakin’ idiots. Lie To Me is an amazing show and now they do this. Bloody idiots, damn it.

  105. Loved Human Target and Lie to Me. That’s what over-paid execs do. Have lunch, a few cocktails, talk about the stuff viewers enjoy watching and then purposely piss people off. I don’t watch FOX anymore. What’s the point? As soon as they run anything good it makes to the chopping block.

  106. Can’t believe Human Target is cancelled! I loved that show! I’m over Fox

  107. Hey, I have been waiting all summer for season 3 to begin. Can you get on with it?

  108. Yeah, I’m talking about Human Target.

  109. F*** You FOX

  110. You have a lot to answer for fox you finally make a couple of show i actually watch and you cancel them.

  111. I agree idol is the same old boring stuff. How long are they going to milk that dead cow? They cancelled better shows than that.

  112. Hey Guys. I really was devastated when “Lie To Me” was cancelled. I couldn’t bare the thought of how some many ends were left untied, not knowing what was going to happen to “Callian”, how many more faces were left to read… but maybe is we send a petition with all our names, stating that we want “Lie To Me” back, to Fox, they may just give in!

  113. Renewed: Glee, Raising Hope, American Idol.
    Cancelled: Lie To Me, Human Target, Chicago Code.

    WTF – Unbelievable

  114. Russia is crying ’bout Lie To Me cancelling. Futurama, Firefly and now this… Oh, if they cancel Simpsons, the end of the world will come much faster :)


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