Your time is short. We know this. So in order to expedite your buying and Netflix decision making, we provide you with a list of the cool and not-so-cool titles coming out for movies, television and everything in-between. So put your feet up, grab some popcorn and check out this week’s selections.



(c) 2010 Warner Home Video. INCEPTION DVD

INCEPTION – The science fiction fantasy movie is no doubt going to be the most popular title of the week. There is a ton of stuff to digest in the movie and I think watching it once is almost doing the film an injustice. Actually, it might take more than one viewing to actually “get” what is happening. In this world, dreams are no longer just our own but used to extract information from others and learn secrets of the people in high power positions. But along with any supernatural situation, the dangers while in the dream world are as real as they are in the real world.

Of course, when you work and live in a dream state, knowing what’s real and what isn’t is as hard as the mission itself. Leonardo DiCaprio does a great job in the lead role and once again establishes himself as a versatile actor willing to take on multiple roles in his career. This is well worth checking out regardless of if you enjoy science fiction or not. There are four really cool featurettes on the DVD that look at the creation of the world, the special effects and more making of extras.

SHREK FOREVER AFTER – While many critics and pundits gave SHREK FOREVER AFTER some flak for not making as much as the other films, it still did extremely well at the box office. Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz and the other cast members return once again in this “final” film as the lovable ogre strikes a deal to get his roar back. Bad move. Shrek’s entire existence is turned upside down and he must fight to get his life back in order.

And the rest …

  • A DOG YEAR – An adopted dog turns a writer suffering a mid-life crisis world around as he wreaks chaos on his life. HBO continues to roll out interesting films as well as superb television series that is as diverse as it is entertaining.
  • THE BOB HOPE COLLECTION – A new 3-disc DVD set featuring five films from the classic funnyman. Included are: ROAD TO RIO, ROAD TO BALI, THE LEMON DROP KID, MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE and THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS.
  • HARPOON – An Icelandic horror film about a group of whale watching people that get stranded on a boat but picked up by another group of fisherman. The only problem is these fisherman have a taste for human flesh and want these new people to be their next main course. Some really brutal moments and a new twist to the serial killer/crazy family genre.



(c) 2010 Shout! Factory. Boy Meets World - The Complete Fourth Season

BOY MEETS WORLD: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON – Another season of the popular series featuring Corey, Shawn, Topanga and Eric. The series, that aired on ABC in 1996 and 1997 follows the exploits of these friends as they grow up in high school and must deal with the typical issues teenagers have.

HOARDERS – SEASON TWO, PART ONE – This show bothers me. I like a clean house. I’m sure most of you do as well. So seeing these people with this “disease” is disturbing. And it is a disease. These people freak out when you throw away one little thing they’ve collected or even attempt to. I couldn’t live with it and that’s part of the reason this causes many people to become estranged from family, get a divorce and more. The series documents the struggle these people must go through in order to help them. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Above all else, it is fascinating TV.

And the rest …

  • LAW & ORDER: SEASON EIGHT – The long-running series returns once again to DVD with more tales of people doing bad stuff to others and getting caught. Yeah, it spawned numerous additional shows but the original still packs a punch.
  • DRAGNET 1969: SEASON THREE – The original series that spawned so many other police dramas returns in a full season that luckily is not split into two.
  • BONANZA: THE OFFICIAL SECOND SEASON, VOLUME ONE – Unlike what is being done with other series such as this one. Why they are doing this continues to boggle the mind but they have been doing it for some time and it is frustrating for those dealing with added shelf space and added dollars being spent.
  • VEGA$ – SEASON TWO, VOLUME ONE – Again, another good series but again another split season. Makes me want to tell you to hold off on buying this until they release the complete series because then at least you will save some money and probably shelf space.



(c) 2010 Shout! Factory. 2010 San Francisco Giants: World Series Champions

2010 SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS: THE OFFICIAL WORLD SERIES FILM – The 2010 baseball season for fans of the San Francisco Giants was described as “torture” by some people – the team would win by one run or struggle through an entire game to end up winning in the last innings. But, torture never felt so good as the team jelled at the right time and surged in the playoffs ultimately winning on the grandest stage of them all, the World Series. This documents the series and their performance. Another DVD set is coming out soon that will focus on the entire season so if you are interested in that you should maybe hold off on buying this but if you want everything this is a great Christmas gift for those fans of the Giants.

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