TV Review: WAREHOUSE 13 – Season 4 – “Endless Wonder”

Brian J. Smith and Allison Scagliotti in WAREHOUSE 13 - Season 4 - "Endless Wonder" | ©2012 Syfy/Ken Woroner

Stars: Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek, Genelle Williams, Allison Scagliotti, Aaron Ashmore, Jaime Murray, Ashley Williams, Kate Mulgrew, Alessandra Torresani Writer: Bob Goodman      Director: Michael McMurray   Network: Syfy, Mondays @ 9 PM Airdate: Sept 10, 2012 “Endless Wonder” once again walks that line for me with WAREHOUSE 13, where I’m entertained, but I’m not entirely certain I’m loving what I’m seeing. Again there’s a lot of jokey kind of dumb humor back and forth between the characters, even though what they are facing is life threatening and very serious. Which this could be argued that the humor …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Arjay Smith talks PERCEPTION

Arjay Smith in PERCEPTION - Season 1 | ©2012 TNT/Jeremy Freeman

In TNT’s series PERCEPTION, which has its first-season finale tonight, Monday Sept. 17 at 10 PM, Eric McCormack plays Dr. Daniel Pierce a college professor who is brilliant but has schizophrenia so severe that he sees and has conversations with people who aren’t there. For someone who has problems like this, it’s a good idea to have a friend around who can help with day to day life, not to mention psychiatric/medical emergencies. That’s where Arjay Smith’s character Max Lewicki comes in; as Daniel’s sometime student and full-time friend and caregiver, Max is there to make sure that Daniel’s world …Read On »


TV Review: DOCTOR WHO – Series 7 – “A Town Called Mercy”

DOCTOR WHO - Season 7 - "A Town Called Mercy" poster | ©2012 BBC

Stars: Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Ben Browder, Adrian Scarborough, Dominic Kemp, Rob Cavazos, Joanne McQunn, Andrew Brooke, Garrick Hagon, Byrd Wilkins, Sean Benedict Writer: Toby Whithouse Director:   Saul Metzstein Network: BBC America, airs Saturday night  Original Telecast: September 15, 2012 In the third episode of DOCTOR WHO Series 7, “A Town Called Mercy,” the Doctor (Matt Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan), and Rory (Arthur Darvill) visit a dusty little town just a few years after the end of the Civil War. Isaac (Ben Browder), the local Marshal, is protecting a kindly alien doctor named Kahler-Jex (Adrian Scarborough) from a cyborg …Read On »


TV Review: COPPER – Season 1 – “The Empty Locket”

Tom Weston-Jones and Dylan Taylor in COPPER - Season 1 - 'The Empty Locket' | ©2012 BBC AMERICA/Cineflix (Copper) Inc.

Stars: Tom Weston-Jones, Kevin Ryan, Ato Essandoh, Anastasia Griffiths, Tanya Fischer, Kiara Glasco, Franka Potente Writer:  Tom Fontana & Will Rokos   Director: Clark Johnson       Network: BBC America, airs Sunday nights Original Telecast: September 9, 2012 COPPER on BBC America is a series that has languid moments where you just simply sit and watch the pretty period pictures that go by on the television, and then there are moments where you are jolted forward because something shocking and often times graphic has happened and you are taken completely unawares. First up in “The Empty Locket”,  Detective Corcoran (Tom Weston-Jones) finally …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: It’s all in the family for WILFRED star Dorian Brown

Dorian Brown in WILFRED - Season 2 | ©2012 FX/Frank Ockenfels

In FX’s WILFRED, Elijah Wood plays Ryan Newman, whose mother is sweet but institutionalized, whose father is scarily intimidating, and whose sister Kristen, played by Dorian Brown, is often demanding, disapproving and imperious. Perhaps this is why Ryan sees his neighbor’s [Fiona Gubelmann] dog Wilfred – played by Jason Gann, who co-created the series with Adam Zwar – as an Australian man in a dog suit. Then again, who knows why Ryan sees Wilfred that way? Brown says she’s among those who are speculating about this question. The actress, born in North Carolina, was previously a series regular on the …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Brad “Cheeks” Bell chats HUSBANDS THE SERIES

Sean Hemeon and Cheeks in HUSBANDS

HUSBANDS THE SERIES is the hit Web series created by Jane Espenson and Brad “Cheeks” Bell. Directed by Jeff Greenstein, HUSBANDS stars Bell under his performing name Cheeks as the character Cheeks, an entertainment figure who is married to less free-spirited star baseball player Brady, played by Sean Hemeon. Now in the middle of its second season, HUSBANDS THE SERIES posts a new episode every other Wednesday, alternating with behind-the-scenes and making-of footage for the three-part show, which can be found online at, with first season and publicity materials still at Among the many other doors it has …Read On »


TV Review: THE X FACTOR – Season 2 premiere – “Auditions No. 1” (Austin and San Francisco)

Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato and L.A. Reid are the judges of THE X FACTOR - Season 2 | ©2012 Fox/Nino Munoz

Stars: Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato Network: Fox, airs Wednesdays and Thursdays Original Telecast: September 12, 2012 Well, here’s a big surprise – THE X FACTOR Season 2 is actually pretty damn good. In fact, it’s the show THE X FACTOR should have been in Season 1. Yes, there are many tropes of the genre still hanging around that prove to be annoying (like purposely bad singers allowed on stage), but with a refreshed judging panel and a different approach in showcasing talent, THE X FACTOR is starting to feel more like an original show called THE …Read On »


TV Review: HELL ON WHEELS – Season 2 – “The Railroad Job”

Common and Anson Mount in HELL ON WHEELS - Season 2 - "The Railroad Job" | ©2012 AMC/Chris Large

Stars: Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, Common, Dominique McElligott, Tom Noonan, Christopher Heyerdahl Writer:  Mark Richard  Director: Michael Nankin      Network: AMC, airs Sunday nights Original Telecast: September 9, 2012 Wow is “The Railroad Job” one of the biggest shoot ‘em up, bang ‘em up episodes of HELL ON WHEELS yet? All of Bohannan’s (Anson Mount) sins from the first episodes of this season definitely have come home to roost, and now it’s a question of who gets out alive when a town robbery gets botched. This is one of those ‘crisis’ episodes of a series, where writers get to define who …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Rachael Leigh Cook gains PERCEPTION

Rachael Leigh Cook in PERCEPTION - Season 1 - "Faces" | ©2012 TNT/Doug Hyun

In PERCEPTION, TNT’s freshman series airing Monday nights at 10 PM, Eric McCormack plays college professor Daniel Pierce, who is a high-functioning schizophrenic. Rachael Leigh Cook plays Kate Moretti, one of Daniel’s former students who has become an FBI special agent. Kate enlists Daniel’s help in solving crimes; she’s aware that he has psychological problems, but not how extensive the issues are. Cook, who hails from Minnesota, has been acting almost all her life. In 1995, she started her film career in the feature version of THE BABY-SITTERS CLUB and as Becky Thatcher in a new adaptation of TOM SAWYER. …Read On »


TV Review: THE NEW NORMAL – Season 1 Premiere – “Pilot”

Ellen Barkin as Jane, Andrew Rannells as Bryan, Georgia King as Goldie, Bebe Wood as Shania, Justin Bartha as David in THE NEW NORMAL - Season 1 - "Pilot" | ©2012 NBC/Robert Trachtenberg

Stars: Justin Bartha, Andrew Rannells, Georgia King, Bebe Wood, NeNe Leakes, Ellen Barkin Writer:  Ryan Murphy & Allison Adler   Director: Ryan Murphy       Network: NBC, airs Tuesday nights Original Telecast: September 10, 2012 THE NEW NORMAL was creating controversy just that started just by NBC announcing it as part of the fall line up. The creepy, crazy religious right group One Million Moms (you know the ones that protested JC Penny for having Ellen Degeneres in their ads) was vowing to boycott the network for having a series showing this type of “gay agenda” program on its network. So, …Read On »

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