TV Review: BEING HUMAN – Season 4 – “That Time of the Month”

Meaghan Rath as Sally on BEING HUMAN "That Time of the Month" | © 2014 Philippe Bosse / Syfy

Stars: Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath, Sam Huntington, Kristen Hager, Katharine Isabelle, Kyle Harrison Breitkopf, Deanna Russo, Mark Pellegrino Writer: Lisa Randolph, adapted for U.S. television by Jeremy Carver & Anna Fricke, created for U.K. television by Toby Whithouse Director: Stefan Pleszczynski Network: Syfy, Mondays @ 9 PM Airdate: January 20, 2014 BEING HUMAN has a strong episode in “That Time of the Month,” as it has striking visual elements, several big plot twists and the added bonus of Mark Pellegrino’s Bishop showing up in flashbacks. Ghost Sally (Meaghan Rath), aware that she’s come back from the never-never with some extra power, is able to dig up […]Read On »


TV Review: SLEEPY HOLLOW – Season 1 – “The Indispensable Man”

Andy Brooks (John Cho) returns in SLEEPY HOLLOW | © 2014 Brownie Harris/Fox

Stars: Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones, Katia Winter, John Cho, John Noble, Jill Marie Jones, Amandla Stenberg, Derek Mears, Brennan Brown, Louis Herthum, Patrick Gorman Writers: Damian Kindler & Heather V. Regner, story by Sam Chalsen, series created by Phillip Iscove & Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci & Len Wiseman Director: Adam Kane Network: Fox, Mondays @ 8 PM Original Airdate: January 20, 2013 In “The Indispensable Man,” the first episode/half of SLEEPY HOLLOW’s first-season finale, we’ve got Ichabod (Tom Mison) and Abbie (Nicole Beharie) grappling with temptation and mistrust due to a map, and Captain Irving (Orlando Jones) […]Read On »


TV Review: BONES – Season 9 – “The Master in the Slop”

BONES S9 The Master in the Slop1

Stars: David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin, Tamara Taylor, TJ Thyne, John Francis Daley, Scott Lowell, Joseph Fuhr, Michelle Clunie, Marcus Giamatti, Dayo Okeniyi, Jo Mei, Dimitri Diatchenko, Marina Benedict, Craig Ricci Shaynak Writer: Dave Thomas, series created by Hart Hanson, based on the life and writings of Kathy Reichs Director: Dwight Little Network: Fox, Fridays @ 8 PM Airdate: January 24, 2014 Among the regular characters on BONES, Lance Sweets (played by John Francis Daley) is often the most frustrating. As a psychiatrist who consults with the FBI, his breaches of professional conduct in seasons past are enough to […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: THE EXES’ star Wayne Knight chats about Season 4

Wayne Knight stars in THE EXES on TV Land | © 2014 TV Land

In TV Land’s THE EXES, now in its third season on TV Land, Wednesdays at 10 PM, three divorced men, played by David Alan Basche, Donald Faison and Wayne Knight, live in the same apartment building as the attorney (played by Kristen Johnson) who handled all of their splits. Knight, who plays Haskell Lutz, achieved TV immortality in his recurring role as the gleefully malevolent Newman on SEINFELD. The Georgia-born actor was in the original JURASSIC PARK, BASIC INSTINCT, JFK and other high-profile features. His other TV gigs include being a series regular THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN, a recurring […]Read On »




Rating: PG Stars: Michael Sheen, Lena Headey, Sam Neill, Aneurin Barnard, Ioan Gruffudd, Mella Carron, Xavier Atkins Writers: Christian Taylor and Matthew Huffman, based on the novel MARIAH MUNDI: THE MIDAS BOX by G.P. Taylor Director: Jonathan Newman Distributor: RLJ Entertainment/Image Entertainment Home Video Release: February 11, 2014 Adapted from G.P. Taylor’s 2007 novel MARIAH MUNDI: THE MIDAS BOX, the film THE ADVENTURER: THE CURSE OF THE MIDAS BOX resembles the sort of the less memorable live-action fare Disney and the independents used to crank out in the Sixties and Seventies. The plot feels like it has the potential to be exciting, but because it is in many ways so earnest […]Read On »


Interview: Creator Nic Pizzolatto on the true grit of TRUE DETECTIVE

TRUE DETECTIVE poster | © 2014 HBO

HBO’s TRUE DETECTIVE, Sundays at 9 PM, was created by Nic Pizzolatto to be a standalone eight-hour story. If there is a second season, a la AMERICAN HORROR STORY, the characters, setting and perhaps even era will be different. Season 1 gives us Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey as, respectively,  Martin Hart and Rust Cohle, two very different detectives in rural Louisiana who try to find a ritualistic serial killer back in 1995 and then revisit the case seventeen years later. Pizzolatto, who originally hails from Louisiana, is an award-winning novelist and short story writer. His scriptwriting experience prior to […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: MEN AT WORK star Adam Busch on Season 3 of the TBS sitcom

Adam Busch stars on MEN AT WORK | © 2014 Darren Michaels/TBS

TBS’ half-hour multi-camera comedy MEN AT WORK is now in its third season, Wednesdays at 10 PM. Created by Breckin Meyer (star of TNT’s FRANKLIN & BASH) and based on incidents in his own life, the series stars Adam Busch, Michael Cassidy, James Lesure and Danny Masterson as a quartet of friends who work together at a New York men’s magazine. Busch’s character Neal is the gentlest of the bunch. Busch began his acting career at an early age, costarring in THE MYSTERY FILES OF SHELBY WOO. The Long Island native also appeared in Seasons 5-7 of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: LUST FOR LOVE star Dichen Lachman chats about making a rom-com – Part 2

LUST FOR LOVE Poster | © 2014 Gravitas Ventures

In Part 2 of this exclusive interview with Dichen Lachman, we talk with the actress/producer about the themes of LUST FOR LOVE, the romantic comedy film she produced with writer/director Anton King, which is now available on VoD and iTunes. Lachman also stars in the movie alongside some of her acting colleagues – Fran Kranz, Enver Gjokaj, Miracle Laurie, Felicia Day, Maurissa Tancharoen – from her two seasons as the character Priya on Joss Whedon’s TV series DOLLHOUSE. AX: As far as the themes of LUST FOR LOVE, do you think that it’s saying anything new, or is it just […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: BRAIN GAMES host Jason Silva chats about the new game show

Jason Silva hosts BRAIN GAMES | © 2014 National Geographic

BRAIN GAMES, National Geographic’s Emmy-nominated series that challenges audience members to play games of thought and perception, is now in its second season Monday nights at 9:30 PM. On February 10, there’s a special Valentine’s Day episode that deals with human attraction. At a National Geographic party thrown for the Television Critics Association, BRAIN GAMES host Jason Silva is available to sit down and talk about what draws people to one another, and much more. AX: What can you tell us about the episode on attraction? JASON SILVA: We play a lot of games showing what you’re attracted to is […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: BLACK SAILS star Mark Ryan chats about stunts and violence – Part 3

Mark Ryan (Gates) in BLACK SAILS - Season 1 | ©2014 Starz

In Part 3 of our exclusive interview with Mark Ryan, who plays the quartermaster Mr.Gates on Starz’s new pirate drama BLACK SAILS, he discusses the show’s blend of invention and history, his upcoming autobiography and the new golden age of television. AX: In terms of the violence in BLACK SAILS, did you guys have a sword master? As someone who has been a sword master – on KING ARTHUR and Bob Anderson’s assistant on FIRST KNIGHT – did you get to do any swordfighting? MARK RYAN: There was a stunt team that did most of the swordfights. I would have […]Read On »

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