TV Review: SUPERNATURAL – Season 8 – “A Little Slice of Kevin”

Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins in SUPERNATURAL - Season 8 - "A Little Slice of Kevin" | ©2012 The CW/Liane Hentscher

Stars: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, DJ Qualls, Liane Balaban Writer: Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckne, series created by Eric Kripke Director: Charles Robert Carner Network: The CW, Wednesdays @ 9 PM Original Airdate: November 14, 2012 Castiel (Misha Collins) is back on SUPERNATURAL. Naturally, instead of rejoicing, Dean (Jensen Ackles) is filled with suspicion – how the hell did Cass get out of Purgatory? – and guilt, because Dean didn’t get Cass out of Purgatory himself. This happens in the midst of Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean trying to track down the connection between seven people who have vanished in …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: CASTLE star Molly Quinn talks about Season 5 and growing up

Molly Quinn in CASTLE - Season 5 - "Secret's Safe With Me" | ©2012 ABC/Richard Cartwright

On CASTLE, our best-selling novelist title character, played by Nathan Fillion, may have trouble working out his love life vis-à-vis Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), but he’s a wonderful dad to daughter Alexis, portrayed by Molly Quinn. CASTLE is now in its fifth season on ABC, Mondays at 10 PM. Texas-born Quinn is now eighteen years old, which means she started playing Alexis when she was fourteen. With Quinn on the red carpet at the Disney WRECK-IT RALPH premiere – the movie and CASTLE have the same parent company – ASSIGNMENT X caught up with her for some insight on …Read On »


TV Review: AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM – Season 2 – “I Am Anne Frank – Part 1”

Franka Potente in AMERICAN HORROR STORY - Season 2 - "I Am Anne Frank Part 1" | ©2012 FX/Byron Cohen

Stars: Zachary Quinto, Joseph Fiennes, Sarah Paulson, Lily Rabe, Evan Peters, Lizzie Brochere, James Cromwell, Jessica Lange, Chloe Sevigny, Adam Levine, Jenna Dewan Tatum, Clea DuVall Writer: Jessica Sharzer, series created by Ryan Murphy & Brad Falchuk Director: Michael Uppendahl Network: FX, Wednesdays @ 10 PM Original Airdate: November 7, 2012 “I Am Anne Frank: Part 1” takes AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM down another interesting path that wasn’t previously discussed (but maybe hinted at) in the first several episodes. So far in the series we’ve had aliens, demonic possession, and genetic experiments run amok in the woods ready to anything …Read On »


Interview: Comedian W. Kamau Bell spins the news on TOTALLY BIASED

W. Kamau Bell in TOTALLY BIASED - Season 1 | ©2012 FX/Matthias Clamer

Interesting fact: the same parent company that gives us Fox News also gives us TOTALLY BIASED WITH W. KAMAU BELL. TOTALLY BIASED, which airs on FX Thursday nights at 11 PM and is executive-produced by Chris Rock, showcases standup comedian Bell’s humor and cheerfully leftist political views. At an event held by FX for the television press,Bell takes some time to talk about his show, his comedy and his distinctive style. ASSIGNMENT X: As a comedian, did you have any desire to see Mitt Romney win the election, just in terms of comedic fodder? W. KAMAU BELL: I’m not that …Read On »


TV Review: THE VAMPIRE DIARIES – Season 4 – “The Killer”

Candice Accola in THE VAMPIRE DIARIES - Season 4 - "The Killer" | ©2012 The CW/Bob Mahoney

Stars: Nina Dobrev, Paul Wesley, Ian Somerhalder Writer: Michael Narducci, Based on the books by L.J. Smith Director: Chris Grismer      Network: The CW, airs Thursday nights Original Telecast: Nov 1, 2012 You might think that the title of the latest episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, “The Killer” would be a nod to Mystic Falls’ resident vampire hunter Connor Jordan (Todd Williams), but I really feel that it is referring to the killer inside of Elena (Nina Dobrev) that breaks the surface in this episode and shows us all just how close to coming apart she really is. I love …Read On »


TV Review: BONES – Season 8 – “The Patriot in Purgatory”

David Boreanaz in BONES - Season 8 - "The Patriot in Purgatory" | ©2012 Fox/Patrick McElhenney

Stars: David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel, Michaela Conlin, TJ Thyne, Tamara Taylor, John Francis Daley, Eugene Byrd, Luke Kleintank, Joel David Moore, Michael Grant Terry, Pej Vahdat, Dylan Neal, Charlayne Woodard, Stephanie Erb Writer: Stephen Nathan, series created by Hart Hanson, based on the life and writings of Kathy Reichs Director: Francois Velle Network: Fox, Mondays @ 8 PM Airdate: November 12, 2012 The BONES episode “The Patriot in Purgatory”is clearly designed to honor Veteran’s Day. It breaks almost every rule in the book – it focuses on guest characters, it’s didactic, it shoehorns in a whole bunch of related issues …Read On »


First Look: New photo of Matt Smith from the DOCTOR WHO Christmas special 2012

Matt Smith in the DOCTOR WHO SERIES 7 CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2102 | ©2012 BBC/BBC WORLDWIDE/Adrian Rogers

The BBC has released a new publicity photograph of Matt Smith as the Doctor sporting a considerably darker (and perhaps even more ‘Doctorish?’) outfit. The picture provides a sneak peek of this year’s DOCTOR WHO Christmas special. A prequel to the special will air as part of this Friday’s CHILDREN IN NEED live charity event on BBC One sometime around the 8:30-9:00pm slot. A trailer for the special itself, which will see the Doctor meeting his new companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, will accompany the prequel. Ah, but wait, you say: Didn’t Coleman already appear in this year’s Series 7 …Read On »


TV Review: THE WALKING DEAD – Season 3 – “Say the Word”

Michael Rooker and Jose Pablo Cantillo in THE WALKING DEAD - Season 3 - "Say the Word" | ©2012 AMC/Gene Page

Stars: Andrew Lincoln, David Morrissey, Laurie Holden, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Danai Gurira, Michael Rooker, Scott Wilson, Emily Kinney, Dallas Roberts, Lew Temple  Writer: Angela Kang Director: Greg Nicotero Network: AMC, airs Sunday nights  Original Telecast: November 11, 2012 In the fifth episode of THE WALKING DEAD Season 3, “Say the Word,” Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is reeling from the loss of Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) and goes deep down a gory spiral of blood and violence. The others try to find live-saving formula for the baby that now serves as a symbol of hope for everyone that survived the prison massacre, …Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Eugene Byrd on BONES, DAYBREAK and WILFRED

Eugene Byrd is honoroed with other BONES cast members at a City of Los Angeles event particularly the episode "The Patriot in Purgatory" that hat calls attention to the many issues facing American military personnel once they return from service | ©2012 Fox/Michael Underwood/Picture Group for Fox

BONES, which runs Mondays at 8 PM on Fox, is now in its eighth season. The series chronicles the personal and professional relationship of FBI agent Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and forensic pathologist Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan (Emily Deschanel) as they solve murders. In third season, Brennan’s lab assistant Zack Addy (Eric Milligan) was committed to a mental institution. Since then, Brennan has had a rotating roster of lab assistants, or “squinterns” (Booth calls the lab people squints and they serve as Brennan’s interns, hence “squinterns”). Eugene Byrd’s character Dr. Clark Edison is one of the primary squinterns.Clark started out …Read On »


TV Review: ARROW – Season 1 – “Damaged”

Byron Mann and Stephen Amell in ARROW - Season 1 - "Damaged" | ©2012 The CW/Jack Rowand

Stars:  Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, Paul Blackthorne, Colin Donnell, Susanna Thompson, Colin Salmon, Willa Holland Writers: Wendy Mericle & Ben Sokolowski Director: Michael Schultz Network: The CW, airs Wednesday Nights Original Telecast: November 7, 2012 Just when I was starting to get down on ARROW,  “Damaged” put things back on track. By emphasizing some of the show’s more interesting storylines and de-emphasizing it’s lesser elements, (i.e. tepid warehouse fight scenes with generic, disposable bad guys), ARROW has lived up to a lot more of its early potential this week. When we last saw Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) he was being …Read On »

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