Movie Review: THE GATES

THE GATES movie poster | ©2023 101 Films/Trinity Creative Partnership

Rating: Not Rated Stars: John Rhys-Davies, Michael Yare, Elena Delia, Richard Brake, David Pearse, Brian Fortune, Peter Coonan, Claire J. Loy, Matthew O’Brien, Tristan Heanue, Graeme Coughlan Writers: Tim Reynolds & Stephen Hall, story by Tim Reynolds Director: Stephen Hall Distributor: 101 Films/Trinity Creative Partnership Release Date: June 27, 2023 (digital, VOD) THE GATES is only intermittently scary. However, with a tone somewhere between Hammer horror and MASTERPIECE THEATRE, it makes up in entertainment value what it may lack in fright. We’re in 1880s England, where creepy serial killer William Colcott (Richard Brake) is terrorizing a bound female victim, with […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Paul Blackthorne on ARROW Season 2

Paul Blackthorne in ARROW - Season 2 | ©2013 The CW/Mathieu Young

On ARROW, now in its second season Wednesday nights at 8 PM on the CW, Stephen Amell stars as the character first seen in D.C. Comics as the Green Arrow. To the world, Oliver Queen is the wealthy heir to the family fortune, returned to claim his birthright after spending years supposedly lost at sea (actually, going through hard times and a warrior’s education on an island). To those in the know, Oliver is really a vigilante, cleaning up big-time corruption and peculiar evildoers. Oliver is still in love with Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy), whose father is law officer Quentin […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: Paul Blackthorne heads down THE RIVER

Paul Blackthorne in THE RIVER - Season | ©ABC/Bob D'Amico

There has been plenty of horror on television, and there have been pseudo-documentaries on television, but THE RIVER, airing on ABC Tuesdays at 9 PM, is the first narrative series to combine the two. With PARANORMAL ACTIVITY maker Oren Peli as one of the show’s creators, Michael R. Perry (PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 2, STEPHEN KING’S DEAD ZONE TV series, MILLENNIUM) as its other creator and Steven Spielberg as one of the executive producers, the series arrived on the scene with plenty of genre street – or waterways – cred, even before proving itself to be truly scary in its first episode. In […]Read On »

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