Interview: Leonard Nimoy rings Bell again for FRINGE, talks Season 5 and STAR TREK 2

Leonard Nimoy in FRINGE - Season 4 - "Brave New World - Part 2" | ©2012 Fox/Cate Cameron

While Leonard Nimoy will forever be tied to his role of Spock in the seminal STAR TREK franchise, the actor has managed to eke out a whole new fanbase with his on again/off again portrayal of genius William Bell on the Fox sci-fi series FRINGE. As the series enters its fourth season finale tonight, Nimoy makes a return appearance as Bell whose desire to destroy both universes on the series to create a new third once has lead the series to this potentially ground-breaking new territory. “FRINGE is a wildly imaginative show,” says Nimoy while talking about FRINGE to the […]Read On »


Breaking News: Yes, STAR TREK 2 will be in 3D, but post-converted according to J.J. Abrams

J.J. Abrams at the SUPER 8 celebrates the Blu-ray and DVD release | ©2011 Su Schneider

As J.J. Abrams fears up to direct STAR TREK 2, rumors of characters and plots have been bubbling to the surface, yet there is one thing that is concrete – the movie will be in 3D. J.J. Abrams spoke briefly about what’s happening with STAR TREK 2 while promoting his new show ALCATRAZ at today’s FOX TCA press tour. “The studio wanted to do [3D] and I didn’t want to,” says Abrams. “When I saw parts of the first movie converted though, I thought, ‘it’s okay with them doing it, as long as I could shoot the movie I wanted […]Read On »

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