CD review: TAKE THIS WALTZ soundtrack

TAKE THIS WALTZ soundtrack | ©2013 Movie Score Media

A prolific Canadian composer whose most popular film might still be his scoring debut out of the slasher gate with 1982s VISITING HOURS, Jonathan Goldsmith has since written far more delicate works, especially for director Sarah Polley on AWAY FROM HER and STORIES WE TELL. There’s a real feminine sensitivity to the actress-turned-filmmaker’s work, a tenderness that Goldsmith captures with surreal enchantment for the exceptional romantic drama TAKE THIS WALTZ. As Polley depicts the slow, sensual burn towards a marriage-ending affair, Goldsmith captures her breathless anticipation with music box bells and the light tap of a piano, graced with muted […]Read On »


CD Review: FROM INSIDE soundtrack

FROM INSIDE soundtrack | ©2012 Lakeshore Records

If you’re a pregnant woman on a post apocalyptic train ride to hell, then the least you deserve is a first class ticket, especially when it comes to setting the musical mood while traveling past oceans of blood, festering corpses and nuked landscapes. Much like the expectant mother who can only watch in transfixed horror, composer Brett Smith conveys a sense of nightmarish wonder to match the beautiful, depressing damnation of graphic novelist-turned animator John Bergin’s award winning feature FROM INSIDE. There’s nothing easy about absorbing INSIDE‘s shocking, Francis Bacon-like imagery. But far from reveling in the excesses of the […]Read On »


CD Review: NO STRINGS ATTACHED soundtrack

No Strings Attached Score soundtrack | ©2011 Lakeshore Records

For a manly composer, John Debney has frequently been called upon to sound like a honey-haired escort, no doubt due to his talent for effortlessly conjuring the sweet, heavily-stringed romantic vibe that spells “chick flick” score at the box office. Yet Debney’s rapidly been showing the town he’s a jack-of-all-trades, especially with last year’s zanily ferocious scores to PREDATORS and MACHETE. So it’s equally no surprise that Debney can devolve his rom-com sound to the mid-20’s age of NO STRINGS ATTACHED’s likable bed-hoppers, and sound more authentically creative than ever in the genre. The same thing can be said for […]Read On »

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