BEAUTY AND THE BEAST highlights Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Releases for June 6, 2017

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST | © 2017 Disney Home Video

Your guide to some of the new releases that are out this week. DISNEY’S BEAUTY AND THE BEAST While Disney continues to make a killing with its Marvel franchise and its Star Wars franchise, it continues to make money hand over fist with these live action adaptations from classic animated titles. Here Emma Watson plays the title character of Belle, who agrees to be the captive of the gnarly beast when her father gets in trouble. Unlike some of the other live action flicks, this one keeps the storyline pretty close to the original including creepy CGI candlesticks, tea cups […]Read On »


CD Review: SNITCH soundtrack

SNITCH soundtrack | ©2013 Lakeshore Records

When many busy, burly action stars are content to make the same mediocre film over and over again, props should go to The Rock for doing something different with his action vehicles, interesting choices that have resulted in such atypical genre scores with a range that’s gone from Harry Gregson-Williams’ wacky Rain Forest score for THE RUNDOWN to Clint Mansell’s angered rock in FASTER. But what makes SNITCH‘s score so interesting is that it doesn’t feel like an “action” score at all, but rather an anguished drama, with an electric violin becoming a tortuously drawn lament. That’s particularly appropriate for […]Read On »

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