TV Review: WILFRED – Season 3 – “Sincerity”

Jenny Mollen in WILFRED - Season 3 - "Sincerity" | ©2013 FX/Prashant Gupta

Stars: Elijah Wood, Jason Gann, Fiona Gubelmann, Jenny Mollen Writer: Jason Gann, series created by Jason Gann & Adam Zwar, adapted for American television by David Zuckerman Director: Randall Einhorn. Network: FX, Thursdays @ 10 PM Airdate: June 27, 2013 On the face of it, it seems like it could be risky to put the character Wilfred (Jason Gann), a dog that his human friend Ryan (Elijah Wood) and the audience see as a man in a dog suit, in scenes with real canines. The episode “Sincerity” proves otherwise, as having real dogs behaving like themselves just underscores the projection […]Read On »

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