Movie Review: PUNCH

PUNCH movie poster | ©2023 Dark Sky Pictures

Rating: Not Rated Stars: Tim Roth, Jordan Oosterhof, Conan Hayes Writer: Welby Ings Director: Welby Ings Distributor: Dark Star Pictures Release Date: March 10, 2023 (theatrical, on demand); April 11, 2023 (DVD) PUNCH begins with some young boys playing on a hill, paper wings strapped to their backs and dark goggles over their eyes. Stan (Tim Roth) retrieves his son Jim from the group. Now in his teens, Jim (Jordan Oosterhof) is being trained by Stan as a boxer. Stan works at a cement-making plant and Jim is still in high school. They live in the small New Zealand town […]Read On »


Breaking News: The HOBBIT prequels are officially named and given release dates

Director Peter Jackson on set THE HOBBIT | ©2011 Peter Jackson

Director Peter Jackson has earned enough good will in his impressive career, that he’s afforded a misstep or two every now and again. However, with the full titles for his new THE HOBBIT prequels to his LORD OF THE RINGS now officially announced, this may be one misstep that is going to haunt him for some time. The first film will be called THE HOBBIT: AN EXPECTED JOURNEY and hits theaters December 14, 2012, while the second, dubbed THE HOBBIT: THERE AND BACK AGAIN, arrives a year later on December 13, 2013. Jackson scripted the films with Fran Walsh, Philippa […]Read On »


New photos from THE HOBBIT set courtesy of Peter Jackson

Director Peter Jackson on set THE HOBBIT | ©2011 Peter Jackson

With the back-t0-back LORD OF THE RINGS prequels of  THE HOBBIT based on the J.R.R. Tolkien novel (and set 60 years before RINGS)  just starting production in Wellington, New Zealand, co-writer and director Peter Jackson gave fans a gift with two photos from the set. You can check them out below. Very cool. With Facebook and Twitter making communication super-easy, expect more Jackson updates this way in the future.

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