CD Review: THE WANNABE soundtrack

THE WANNABE soundtrack | ©2016 Movie Score Media Records

A seriously deluded low life couple make the big mistake of thinking they can rip off NYC’s connected Italian citizens, learning big time that crime of any sort doesn’t in this strange-but-true tale – one that previously made for 2014’s far superior ROB THE MOB. But that’s not to say the following year’s THE WANNABE doesn’t have some mook charms to it, namely Patricia Arquette’s beyond-committed performance and an eccentric score by Nathan Larson. A seriously unsung composer when it comes to scoring hard to love losers in such indies as in PALINDROMES, CHOKE and THE SKELETON TWINS, Larson takes an emotionally similar approach […]Read On »


CD Review: OUR IDIOT BROTHER soundtrack

OUR IDIOT BROTHER soundtrack | ©2011 ABKCO

A pleasant LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE vibe fills the soundtrack of a movie that’s far more human comedy than the stoner one its ads would lead you to believe. IDIOT’s band of loveable losers gets a similarly ironic, if more low-key vibe on their path to self-actualization, especially with this pleasantly eclectic soundtrack. BROTHER certainly starts on the right foot with Eric D. Johnson’s whimsical interpretation of the Tony Orlando and Dawn hit “Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree,” with plenty of pointed strumming to follow with Johnson’s “2 Roadrunners” and “The Fruit Bat’s “Lightning Bug.” But is […]Read On »

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