DVD Review: EAT MY DUST/GRAND THEFT AUTO – Roger Corman’s Cult Classics Double Feature

EAT MY DUST - GRAND THEFT AUTO double feature - THE RON HOWARD ACTION PACK | ©2011 Shout! Factory

Eat My Dust Stars: Ron Howard, Christopher Norris, Warren Kemmerling, Dave Madden, Jessica Potter Writer: Charles B. Griffith Director: Charles B. Griffith Grand Theft Auto Stars: Ron Howard, Nancy Morgan, Marion Ross, Peter Isacksen Writer: Rance Howard, Ron Howard Director: Ron Howard Distributor: Shout! Factory Suggested Retail Price: $19.93 Grades: B- (Eat My Dust), C (Grand Theft Auto) Car culture certainly was a major part of the 1970s, both on screen and off. This resulted in a slew of car-driven (pun-intended releases) that ranged from comedic, dramatic, action-packed and even horrific (THE CAR anyone?) Oddly enough, Ron Howard was the […]Read On »

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