CD Review: AFTER THE FALL soundtrack

AFTER THE FALL soundtrack | ©2014 Lakeshore Records

Marc Streitenfeld has provided muted, morally ambiguous scores before to oil workers facing off against killer wolves in THE GREY and a professional hitman wanting his pay in KILLING THEM SOFTLY, scores filled with truly interesting “ambiences” and unexpected instrumentation. But perhaps none of Streitenfeld’s experimentally minded scores of this nature hits more weirdly, or more effectively at home than AFTER THE FALL, wherein Wes Bentley’s suburban dad truly goes off the criminal rails to avoid falling into poverty after his firing. Perhaps one way to describe Streitenfeld’s unique work at its most effective here is to imagine Carl Orff […]Read On »


CD Review: THE GREY soundtrack

THE GREY soundtrack | ©2012 Lakeshore Records

Joe Carnahan’s previous films like NARC, SMOKIN’ ACES and THE A-TEAM have had no shortage of headbanging action for composers to play. But those kinds of opportunities are in short supply for his esoteric man-against-nature film THE GREY, which instead offers shades of macho-talk colors for Marc Streitenfeld to play with when wolves don’t occasionally show up to kill its Alaska-stranded characters. Yet for a film so intent on making this situation “real” in pseudo-Hemingway docudrama fashion, the THE GREY gets the most color, and emotional impact when Streitenfeld’s is hovering about the Deadly White North. Pretty much avoiding overt […]Read On »

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