LIGHTS OUT highlights Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Releases for Oct. 25, 2016

LIGHTS OUT | © 2016 Warner Home Video

LIGHTS OUT – While this is billed as an indie horror flick, Warner Bros is the distributor so it can’t be that much of an independent production. That said, LIGHTS OUT is a really good horror flick. Based on a short video that went viral in 2013, LIGHTS OUT follows the story of Sophie (Maria Bello) that is obsessed with her imaginary friend Diana. So much so, she has alienated her kids and friends. It turns out that Sophie has been having a relationship with Diana for quite a while but Diana may not be imaginary at all but a […]Read On »



THE BEYOND soundtrack | ©2011 Beat Records

When it comes to the blood-soaked explosion of Italian horror, or the combos of orchestral suspense and progressive rock that accompanied these films’ stylish vivisections, two of the names that come to fans’ minds (or the gaping holes through their heads) are Roman gore auteur Lucio Fulci and his frequent composer Fabio Frizzi. For if Fulci’s makeup effects weren’t enough to unsettle even the most stomach-hardened genre addicts, it was Frizzi’s moaning, borderline-psychedelic soundtracks that made them far more disturbing and eerie- as if the images were being telegraphed from a truly unhinged mind in the underworld. Both men ventured […]Read On »

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