Exclusive Interview: FRINGE star Seth Gabel talks ALLEGIANCE, his work on FRINGE and ARROW

Seth Gabel in ALLEGIENCE | ©2012 XLrator Media

In the film ALLEGIANCE, which opened theatrically last week in New York and this weekend in Los Angeles and Austin and is available on VOD, Seth Gabel stars as National Guard Lieutenant Danny Sefton. It’s 2003 and National Guard companies, much to their surprise (and often dismay), are being shipped to active combat in Iraq. Sefton has gotten himself reassigned so that he won’t have to ship out with the company, but when one of his men goes AWOL, he finds himself grappling with a huge moral crisis, to say nothing of physical danger. Florida-born Gabel spent several seasons on […]Read On »


Interview: FRINGE actor Seth Gabel on the future of FRINGE and building the logs of Lincoln Lee

Seth Gabel in FRINGE - Season 4 | ©2012 Fox/Andrew Matusik

As Lincoln Lee on the Fox series FRINGE (airing Friday nights on Fox), Seth Gabel has played four different iterations of his Lincoln Lee character both Over There, Over Here and now this season, two completely different Lincolns after the timeline was reset due to Peter (Joshua Jackson) sacrificing himself during the Season 3 finale. The new Lincoln this year found him unaware of the Fringe division as he was brought into the fold of this top secret division where he began to have feelings for Olivia (Anna Torv). Things have become more complicated now that Peter has come back […]Read On »

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