Exclusive Interview: FRANKLIN & BASH Kevin Falls & Jamie Tarses lay down the law

FRANKLIN & BASH - Season 1 - "Big Fish" | ©2011 TNT/Trae Patton

On TNT’s new legal dramedy FRANKLIN & BASH, Breckin Meyer plays Jared Franklin and Paul-Mark Gosselaar plays Peter Bash. The two are lifelong best friends who run their ambulance-chasing law partnership from home until they are unexpectedly recruited by Malcolm McDowell’s very upscale Stanton Infeld to bring some new blood to his stodgy but lucrative firm. Executive producers Jamie Tarses and series co-creator Kevin Falls – the other executive producers are Falls’ co-creator Bill Chais and director Jason Ensler – tell us everything it’s lawful to reveal about FRANKLIN & BASH. ASSIGNMENT X: What was the genesis of the show? […]Read On »


Exclusive Interview: FRANKLIN & BASH stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Breckin Meyer lawyer up

Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Breckin Meyer in FRANKLIN & BASH - Season 1 | ©2011 TNT/Williams & Hirakawa

TNT’s new hour-long legal comedy/drama FRANKLIN & BASH, which premieres tomorrow at 9 PM, is named for its two attorney protagonists. Jared Franklin, played by Breckin Meyer, is so free-wheeling that he can, and will, get a witness to strip on the stand for effect. Peter Bash, played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar, is a bit more strait-laced and shrewd, knowing how to capitalize on his partner’s actions. In the pilot, the two lawyers are recruited by Malcolm McDowell’s Stanton Infeld to bring their unconventional talents to his heavy-hitting L.A. law firm Infeld Daniels. Gosselaar, known for NYPD BLUE, wrapped up a two-year […]Read On »

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