Composer George Fenton parks with THE LADY IN THE VAN – Interview

THE LADY IN THE VAN soundtrack | ©2016 Sony Classical Records

If one might have the cliched attitude of old school English composers as adhering rigorously to the classically imperious music of Queen and Country, then they likely haven’t heard much of George Fenton’s prolific work over the last four or so decades, let alone had a crotchety, crazy old lady parked in their driveway for fifteen of them. Not only has Fenton contributed one of his most delightfully attitude-filled scores to represent THE LADY IN THE VAN, but he also has the distinction of having actually met the fearsome Ms. Shepherd, a curmudgeonly homeless woman who became a grudgingly accepted […]Read On »


CD Review: THE ZERO THEOREM soundtrack

THE ZERO THEOREM soundtrack | ©2014 Milan Records

When you think back to Terry Gilliam’s latter good old days with THE FISHER KING, TWELVE MONKEYS and arguably FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS, the directors’ movies worked so strikingly well by being simultaneously mind-blowing and nightmare-inducing acid trips, unleashing exaggerated performances and imagery that tended to turn the world into a dystopian wonderland. It’s a sad sign of how far Gilliam has fallen since THE BROTHERS GRIMM that BRAZIL and TWELVE MONKEYS have gotten upchucked as THE ZERO THEOREM which equals near insufferability – though not without Gilliam’s seemingly unbreakable visual talent on display. But the one element […]Read On »


CD Review: FROZEN PLANET soundtrack

FROZEN PLANET soundtrack | ©2013 Silva Screen Records

Englishman George Fenton seems to have conquered the market on scoring every nook and cranny of the globe with a series of sweeping nature documentaries that have included EARTH, LIFE, PLANET EARTH and THE BLUE PLANET. And while the genre has technically evolved in light years from the dinosaur-age days of MUTUAL OF OMAHA’S WILD KINGDOM, the basic spectacle of watching animals being cute, or killing each other certainly hasn’t. That age-old struggle for survival is often mirrored in the artist’s challenge of going for the uncondescending beauty of God’s ice-covered earth, or choosing to play it with the family-friendly […]Read On »

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