POP SHOW PODCAST – Episode 32: Donald Trump and Halloween Mazes

POP SHOW PODCAST | © 2016 AssignmentX

Welcome back to the POP SHOW PODCAST starring Anthony C. Ferrante. This week we have a large discussion about politics including why Donald Trump seems to be polling even with Hilary Clinton despite all the turmoil going on. We also chat about theme park’s Halloween special events going on and some controversy surrounding Knotts Berry Farm’s rides they came up with. Lastly, we discuss why Anthony always likes to bring up the latest stuff going on in the realm of fast food and other chain restaurants and how it might become the new theme of our podcast. Join us for […]Read On »


POP SHOW PODCAST – Episode 31: New Fall Shows + Fast Food Reviews

POP SHOW PODCAST | © 2016 AssignmentX

Hi again, the POP SHOW PODCAST starring Anthony C. Ferrante is back after a bit of a hiatus which Anthony talks about in the podcast. As usual, Anthony has a bit of trouble staying on topic and we end up delving deep into the realm of fast food joints and the latest incarnations they are doing to attract customers. Ryan Mitchelle also has been off for an extended hiatus and his opening to the podcast shows a bit of rust as he mistakenly refers to Sonia Mansfield as “Sarah” something we won’t let him forget the entire podcast (maybe ever?). […]Read On »

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