THE BEYOND soundtrack | ©2011 Beat Records

When it comes to the blood-soaked explosion of Italian horror, or the combos of orchestral suspense and progressive rock that accompanied these films’ stylish vivisections, two of the names that come to fans’ minds (or the gaping holes through their heads) are Roman gore auteur Lucio Fulci and his frequent composer Fabio Frizzi. For if Fulci’s makeup effects weren’t enough to unsettle even the most stomach-hardened genre addicts, it was Frizzi’s moaning, borderline-psychedelic soundtracks that made them far more disturbing and eerie- as if the images were being telegraphed from a truly unhinged mind in the underworld. Both men ventured […]Read On »


CD Review: ZOMBI 2 / A CAT IN THE BRAIN soundtrack

ZOMBI 2 / A CAT IN THE BRAIN soundtrack | ©2011 Beat Records

Where rock fans stateside were grooving the progressive rock of groups like Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Italian horror auteurs were using the guitar and synth vibes for far bloodier ends. And if Dario Argento was linked at the hip to the rhythmic murder operas of Goblin in DEEP RED, SUSPIRIA and DAWN OF THE DEAD, than the infinitely gorier Lucio Fulci was joined in the intestine to the creepily mod sound of Fabio Frizzi for such infamously stylish splatterfests like THE BEYOND, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD and MANHATTAN BABY. Now Beat Records has paired Frizzi’s scores from two movies […]Read On »

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