CD Review: AT ANY PRICE soundtrack

AT ANY PRICE soundtrack | ©2013 Milan Records

Another spellbinding rocker who found himself in the heartland, Dickon Hinchliffe saw his band Tindersticks turn their alt sound to such uniquely percussive works as NENETTE AND BONI and TROUBLE EVERY DAY, all before going solo with such distinctive works that embodied everything from cold-blooded murder in the first “Red Riding” mystery to sweetly accessible romance in LAST CHANCE HARVEY and the sympathetic soul of an abused ape in PROJECT NIMH. Yet this Englishman seems to be best at home in the acoustic badlands of WINTER’S BONE, RAMPART and THE TEXAS KILLING FIELDS. Though Hinchliffe’s approach is often spare, it […]Read On »


Composer Interview: Dickon Hinchliffe goes RAMPART with new score

Dickon Hinchliffe | ©2011 Dickon Hinchliffe

Where once it was unthinkable for film music to be anything but symphonic, the last few decades have seen a surrealistic explosion of composers hailing from the rock-pop world, many of who have taken their roots way beyond a simple drum roll, or strum of an electric guitar to picture. Among an alt. score tribe whose sounds have ranged from hallucinatory washes of electronics to minimalistic percussion and uses of humans on instruments undreamed of, one rising avant garde-ist with an especially unique voice is Englishman Dickon Hinchliffe. Founding, and fronting the group Tindersticks, Hinchliffe’s often seedy, beautifully surrealistic sound […]Read On »

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