CD Reviews: GRABBERS and ROBOT OVERLORDS soundtracks

GRABBERS soundtrack | ©2015 Movie Score Media

Since throwing an executive team-building trip into a bunch of merc serial killers in SEVERANCE, Christian Henson has proven to be one of the more notably rising British composers with his particular talent for the genre, exploring an eerily time-trapping Bermuda TRIANGLE, then adding to the Sean Bean body count in the lethally atmospheric BLACK DEATH before playing one of history’s monsters for Saddam Hussein’s THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE. Movie Score Media has been a big proponent of this gifted and prolific composer, recently with MALICE IN WONDERLAND, THE SECRET OF MOONACRE, STORAGE 24 and his music for a new TV […]Read On »


CD Review: THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE soundtrack

THE DEVIL'S DOUBLE soundtrack | ©2011 Lakeshore Records

Uday Hussein has a rocking good time ravaging Iraq under dad’s carte blanche, not to mention the protection of a hapless look-a-like. It’s a musically mesmerizing balance between the fruits of evil, and an onlooker’s moral anguish, two tones merged into one beast for this killer alt. bio score by Christian Henson. Just when you think you’ve heard it all in the sinister soundtrack land of Middle East-meets-west rhythms, THE DEVIL’S DOUBLE arrives to kick the genre in the ass as its antagonist does far worse things to his people. Not only does it help that Henson was a programmer […]Read On »

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