CD Review: BATES MOTEL and PENNY DREADFUL soundtracks

PENNY DREADFUL soundtrack | ©2014 Varese Sarabande Records

Two cable hits have been busy re-inventing everyone’s favorite Mama’s boy and band of Edwardian monster hunters. But leave it to Chris Bacon and Abel Korzeniowski to make these often horrific exploits go down with orchestral elegance. For Bacon, it’s realizing that melodic empathy is the room key to loving Norman Bates as much as his mom, tenderness that suffuses his often beautiful, lush score to BATES MOTEL. Yet the spirit of Bernard Herrmann certainly inhabits this abode, not in stormily gothic (or stabbing) violins, but in BATES‘ long, drifting string lines and sympathetic piano. While there’s effectively uptempo percussion, […]Read On »


CD Review: SOURCE CODE soundtrack

Source Code soundtrack © 2011 Lakeshore Records

Composer Chris Bacon has certainly picked up some mad skills by working with James Newton Howard on such scores as KING KONG and THE DARK KNIGHT. And his own talent was readily apparent when he gave SPACE CHIMPS a score that played them like Apollo 10 astronauts. Now Bacon gets his biggest solo score to date with SOURCE CODE, with a straight-ahead suspense approach that’s light-and-day different than what Clint Mansell brought to director Duncan Jones’ last film MOON. Bacon brings it in mainstream style here with an approach that brings to ear Jerry Goldsmith and Christopher Young’s sleek, start-and-stop […]Read On »

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