TV Review: ASCENSION – Season 1 – “Night One”

A female who was murdered on board the spaceship ASCENSION gets sent off into space in "Night 1" | © 2014 Syfy

Cast: Gil Bellows, Tricia Helfer, Brandon P. Bell, Brian Van Holt, Andrea Roth, Jacqueline Byers, Emily Vanderhaus, Ryan Robbins, PJ Boudousque, Ellie O’Brien Writers: Adrian Cruz, Philip Levens, Melody Fox Director: Mairzee Alams Network: Airs on SyFy, Monday @ 9 p.m. Original Telecast: December 15, 2014 ASCENSION is an interesting mix of THE TRUMAN SHOW meets BIOSHOCK meets TWIN PEAKS meets DOCTOR WHO. If you are unfamiliar with BIOSHOCK, it is an award winning video game based on an idea that a slew of rich people disgusted with the way America was turning broke off from the Union in the […]Read On »


Interview: BIOSHOCK composer Garry Schyman rockets to the INFINITE


Subtlety and spareness aren’t the first words that come to mind when hearing the burgeoning genre of video game music, a realm that most often calls upon epic orchestras, electronics, thrashing guitars and choral hosannahs to create the kind of lavish sonic environments and rhythmically accelerating action that bring on the joystick adrenalin. But if that soundtrack gameplay seemed increasingly familiar, 2007’s BIOSHOCK burst onto the scene as a full-fathom dive into unique terrain. Co-creator Ken Levine sent the player into the undersea city of Rapture, a 30s style, Ayn Rand-esque fiefdom gone to horrible seed, its art deco corridors […]Read On »

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