Exclusive Interview: WILFRED star Jason Gann talks Season 2 and more

Jason Gann in WILFRED - Season 2 | ©2012 FX/Frank Ockenfels

There are plenty of other TV series with characters who are former lawyers, but FX’s WILFRED is the only one where the lead, Ryan (played by Elijah Wood), sees his neighbor’s dog Wilfred, played by Jason Gann, as a man in a dog suit. Not only that, but Wilfred keeps urging Ryan to do some questionable things – and then Wilfred generally urges Ryan to undo whatever it was before calamity strikes. There origins of WILFRED are almost as uncommon as its premise. It started as a half-hour short film written by Gann and Adam Zwar (with Gann as Wilfred […]Read On »

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