THE BEST SCORES OF 2016 – Part Two – The Runners Up and Composers to Watch

SWISS ARMY MAN soundtrack | ©2016 Lakeshore Records

The Runners-Up and Composers to Watch of 2016 The Runners-Up CAPTAIN FANTASTIC  (Alex Somers / Lakeshore) More proof that those in touch with Iceland’s musical spirit animal are blessed with an ability to capture profound emotion through unusual means, American-born Alex Somers’ work with the band Sigur Ros (and its essential continuation with its bandmate as Jonsi and Alex) now yields a score of singular spirituality as Somers tracks a family of ultra liberals who’ve have truly gone off society’s reservation. His soundtrack’s beautifully ethereal melodies are a unique mix of alt. rock sampling, angelic choruses, Native American winds, accordion […]Read On »


CD Review: JOURNEY soundtrack

JOURNEY soundtrack | ©2012 Sony

As innovatively great as videogame scores have proven to be, they’re often anything but relaxing. But then, the musical Zen equivalent of a Japanese water garden isn’t exactly apropos to accompany the slaughter of first person combat or raging fantasy battles that are the stuff of the major game studios. So it’s no wonder that the relaxingly adventurous score of JOURNEY and its flowing robe figure was originated by the indie Thatgamecompany, who’ve given composer Austin Wintory the opportunity to compose a soundtrack that’s taken the genre to a new level of melodic poetry, not to mention acclaim by a […]Read On »

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