MAKE IT POP: Louriza Tronco gets sassy and sarcastic on Nick’s new show

Erika Tham, Megan Lee and Louriza Tronco star in MAKE IT POP | © 2015 Nickelodeon

Actress Louriza Tronco describes her MAKE IT POP character this way: “Jodi Mapa is the fierce choreographer and fashionista of the group. She’s sassy and she’s very sarcastic.” In MAKE IT POP, the musical comedy series on Nickelodeon weeknights at 7 PM through Friday May 1, Jodi is one of three prep school roommates (the others are played by Erika Than and Megan Lee) who team up to form a pop band, with music provided by male classmate Caleb (Dale Whibley). Tronco began her stage career at an early age in her native Winnipeg, Canada. TV and film credits include […]Read On »


MAKE IT POP: Erika Tham discusses new Nickelodeon show – exclusive interview

Erika Tham stars as Corki on MAKE IT POP | © 2015 Nickelodeon

In MAKE IT POP, Nickelodeon’s new series that has new episodes at 7 PM every weeknight through May 1, three female prep high school roommates, played by Erika Tham, Megan Lee and Louriza Tronco, and a male classmate (Dale Whibley) come together to form a band. Tham’s character Corki is the group’s violinist and, at least initially, the most mysterious, arriving after school has started and ushered in by a squad of bodyguards. Her friends can’t wait to find out what all of this means, but Corki won’t say. Tham, like Corki, knows how to keep this a secret, though […]Read On »


Dale Whibley on MAKE IT POP – exclusive interview

Dale Whibley stars as Caleb in MAKE IT POP on Nickelodeon | © 2015 Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon’s new series MAKE IT POP begins Monday, April 6, at 7 PM and runs every week night at that time for four weeks. In the half-hour musical comedy show, three new roommates (Megan Lee, Erika Tam, Louriza Tronco) at a prep boarding school form their own pop band. Dale Whibley plays Caleb, the classmate who writes and performs the music for the group. Whibley, who appeared in DEGRASSI: THE NEXT GENERATION, has been acting professionally in his native Canada since childhood (one early gig was a Care Bears commercial). Sitting down for an interview at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, […]Read On »

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